Knocked for six

There is a quote in Britain that can be applied for both good and bad news. I woke up this morning and had a spring in my paw and a smile on my face. I managed to get a wonderful long walk and came back to breakfast and then some snoozes. The day was wonderful and I was enjoying the lovely weather, patrolling my garden and chasing pigeons. Then I looked at my Twitter account and my day crashed to a most unceremonious halt.

One of my best friends, who lives in Argentina, had been ill recently and had been to the vets for various ailments. I heard he had pneumonia and he had been under review for suspected cancer diagnosis. Tommy, for that is his name, went on the longest trip this morning when the vet found he had particularly nasty and aggressive tumours along with the pneumonia. It’s not fair. It’s never fair. I will never understand why anyone or any fur gets this terrible and awful disease. Tommy, I will always remember you and always be grateful for your friendship and love. Siempre va bien, nuncio adios Señor.

Run free good friend, and know that you are always loved by all your friends.


Knocked for six, and in the worst possible way. I have sad ears.


Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like if I had not adopted my humans in December 2013. I was a lost, lonely & confused Beagle Harrier who wanted, and needed, some regimentation and guidance to set me on the straight path to happiness.

I joined Twitter and started looking for other dogs, mainly Beagles, so we could learn and understand what it is like to have a Beagle Harrier and find out the traits and likely good/bad aspects. One of the first Beagles I corresponded with was Nellie, who moved to Houston in the recent past. Her pawrents were always kind and generous with their advice to my pawrents, and we learned much about what I was like, and what I would be like. We also learned that Nellie was a rescue from a “facility” and that she was free to enjoy her life after a bad start. She had adopted her pawrents in 2006 and lived a life of love, happiness and freedom.

Sadly last night Nellie took the longest journey and her final pawtrol, over the Rainbow Bridge. She had been ill for a while and she was suffering so her pawrents took the terribly difficult decision that all pawrents have to take. We all feel bad, we all feel sad and we all miss her terribly already. However we know that she is out of pain and there is no suffering where she is now. As a member of the BeagleBugClub she also will be watching us all to make sure we don’t cry and feel sad for too long. I am sure she would want us all to think of her fondly as a happy, loved and loving Beagle who we all respected and we all felt privileged to be her friend.

Rest easy dear Nellie, we do miss you, we always will. We are proud to have you as a friend. We know its never goodbye but always farewell. So, until we meet again dear sweet Nellie, bon voyage.


If my life is as full as Nellie’s of the fun and friendship she gave and received, I will be a lucky Beagle Harrier.


Beagle Meet.

Usually when I awake on a Sunday morning, I take a stroll around the fields nearby my house. This Sunday just passed was no different, although we seemed to be in a hurry to get around the walk. Arriving back to see the car being packed with rucksacks and smelling my food somewhere close gave me suspicious ears. When I was loaded into the car and we set off somewhere, I knew I was in for a treat but what could it be.

After 3 hours we arrived somewhere called Capesthorne Hall near Macclesfield. The car boot was opened and the smell of beagle brothers & sisters hit me.


We strolled about, it was a lovely morning after all and we needed to stretch our legs. There were so many Beagles there, I didn’t know which way to look first. I think I arooed at them all, and there seemed to be more arriving every minute. This was like a Beagle paradise. Suddenly I saw my friends Raffa, Charley & Boot strolling towards us. Then we saw Bryher & Tean with them. This was going to be the best day ever. All the humans were very surprised to see us as it seems that my two had decided to keep it a secret so a nice surprise. I think it worked. I arooed with all my pals as we strolled around and the humans were chatting and taking pictures and laughing and being happy. Then I looked around and there were Daisy & Dolly, Bentley, Ruby and so many others I lost count.

We were there to try and break a world record of the most dogs of the same breed walked at the same time. The record is currently held by some Yorkshire Terriers in Mexico, and we were determined to break that record. Even with my limited numerical ability (I count treats on my tongue normally) I could see that there were quite a number of Beagles there.


This is only a very small fraction of the Beagles there. In order to ensure we got the record we had to walk around a course of 1.2 miles and must be registered with electronic tags at the start and finish.

I walked with Raffa (she has a poorly paw)IMG_2895

I walked with Charley IMG_2896

And I tried to walk quicker than my human dad. IMG_2902

There were many other Beagle friends I met and saw, and many of us walked the course and had great fun. Once we had walked and the initial numbers were counted, it seems there were about 1,100 Beagles who completed the course which, if correct, would smash the record held by the Yorkshire Terriers.

I think we should celebrate. IMG_3200

A great day with great pals for a very lucky Beagle.


Its good to surprise friends sometimes. I’m a very lucky Beagle Harrier, you might have heard me mention this before. I have so much in my life to be happy about, what with a warm and safe home, beds, tickles, fields to roam and love from my 2 human Paw Assistants and my pals, both human and furry.  And my garden, I mustn’t forget my garden.


My life without my friends would be much less exciting, I think. And I love to surprise them sometimes. When we found out that there was a Beagle Welfare Fun day in Cirencester, we decided we would go along and see who was there. We got there and all jumped out in the lovely sunshine on a warm Sunday afternoon. Within 2 minutes I had announced my arrival with an almighty aroooo as I fairly bounded onto the premises to see my friend Raffa and her mum, auntie & one of my favourite aunties from my twitter account. They all seemed very pleased to see me. I got tickles and some biscuits. I showed Auntie K that I did paw and she looked very impressed ears.


I watched Raffa try to arooo as loud as she could, which made me laugh.


We met another rescue beagle called Daisy, and we woofed for hours before I was told we had to go home again.

I enjoyed my day so much, I love seeing friends and I love knowing I have friends who I can rely on. And best of all they know they can rely on me.


In this world, we all need friends.



As all my friends know, I love to patrol around where I live. I am very lucky that I am close to the countryside. Normally I get to wander the fields and woods with Mum or Dad, which is nice as its good to have company. Actually I am not allowed off lead when I’m outside my garden, so I don’t have any choice. It’s still great fun to patrol and sniff all the scents and see the sights.


Today I had a different reason for patrolling the fields, woods and byways. I am fortunate to have a large number of friends, whom I see in my walks, meet on holiday or speak with on my twitter account. Because we are all friends, we all look out for each other.


When I saw some bad news this morning about one of my friends, Gunner who lives in Canada, it seemed the right thing to do was to patrol in honour of him. He has been unwell recently and is about to go on the longest patrol of all, over the rainbow bridge. We are friends and friends always stick together.


This one is for Gunner today. I patrol in your honour my friend. I am proud to call you my friend.


Until we meet again Gunner, run free. My heart is broken.

Rambles with Raffa

We woke up and I knew that something different was on the cards. They were fussing about and making sure I was ready to go. We walked towards the pub and suddenly a lovely beagle and her mum appeared from the car park. It was Raffa.  I greeted Raff with an arooo and a nose bump. She seems quite nice. There was much chattering from the humans whilst we wandered along. Raffa and I sniffed and aroooed at each other as we had only met the night before in the pub and we were both very sleepy as you will recall. I found out that she had a pawly leg from a week ago, so I was more gentle than usual when I meet another fur. I can be quite boisterous and like to jump and play. When Raffa said her shoulder was bad, I thought I should be gentlemanly.
We went up the Grisedale valley and I showed Raffa all the sheep and cows that I had seen a couple of days before. She was quite impressed and the views up to Helvellyn were really clear so we both marvelled at the sights. We sniffed about on the grass and when the sheep were too near we aroooed in unison to move them away. Teamwork. We even managed to get one sheep that leapt over Raffa and her mum, when it felt a little penned in by a gate. It was more Tigger than sheep. We were arooing so much at one point that the farmers came out of their house to see what all the kerfuffle was. Fortunately we were both on very tight leads so we couldn’t get anywhere near the sheep. We didn’t chase them, just aroooed at them. I don’t think the sheep wanted to play anyway. We seemed to go on for ages, and the humans were chattering to each other. Raffa & I just patrolled and sniffed about in the long grass. Raffa also nommed some sheep doo-doo’s which was horrible but apparently she said its quite tasty. I didn’t believe her so I decided against this little delicacy. We were quite a way up the path and Raffa told me she was getting tired so we turned round and wandered back. Raffa had a ride in her chariot as she had been pawly recently.My D even helped push her chariot, I suppose thats what humans are there for really.
We went to the boat house coffee place near Glenridding for the humans to have coffee and buns. Raffa had some lunch and I ate biscuit noms. It was really nice as there were loads of other people there, as well as many furs coming and going. The nice ladies in the the coffee place even put out the awning when it started raining. Raffa had a sleep as she had woofed she was a bit tired.
I aroooed quite a lot at everybody and every fur that passed by, much to everyones amusement. Whilst Raffa wasn’t looking, I thought it would be a good idea to remind Raffa’s M that she had promised me belly rubs and tickles. Once they had been administered, I went back for my M to give me more tickles and I managed to sit on her lap to watch the world go by. It was great, apart from the rain, and the views are brilliant.
I wanted to stay but Raffa had to go home, so we wandered back slowly along the road. I thought it would be polite to give Raff another nose bump and she returned the favour. I did blush a little, as my rufty tufty image was being dismantled. We are pals, which is good as I like being friends with other furs, especially Beagles.
We said our farewells so that Raffa and her M could go home again. We had a great time.
Once Raffa & her mum had left to go home, I had sad ears but I knew I had a new friend for life. Actually I had 2 new friends as I think her mum quite liked me too. She certainly liked my aroooing ability. We went to the White Lion and I got more gravy bones from the landlady. And the nice lady who wanted snogs earlier in the week was there, so I had more tickles and belly rubs to help me sleep more soundly. I snoozed and wondered what the next day would bring. I knew it wouldn’t be as exciting as patrolling with Raffa and her mum, but we would find somewhere interesting and fun to go. And it was to be the last day of our holibobs.