Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like if I had not adopted my humans in December 2013. I was a lost, lonely & confused Beagle Harrier who wanted, and needed, some regimentation and guidance to set me on the straight path to happiness.

I joined Twitter and started looking for other dogs, mainly Beagles, so we could learn and understand what it is like to have a Beagle Harrier and find out the traits and likely good/bad aspects. One of the first Beagles I corresponded with was Nellie, who moved to Houston in the recent past. Her pawrents were always kind and generous with their advice to my pawrents, and we learned much about what I was like, and what I would be like. We also learned that Nellie was a rescue from a “facility” and that she was free to enjoy her life after a bad start. She had adopted her pawrents in 2006 and lived a life of love, happiness and freedom.

Sadly last night Nellie took the longest journey and her final pawtrol, over the Rainbow Bridge. She had been ill for a while and she was suffering so her pawrents took the terribly difficult decision that all pawrents have to take. We all feel bad, we all feel sad and we all miss her terribly already. However we know that she is out of pain and there is no suffering where she is now. As a member of the BeagleBugClub she also will be watching us all to make sure we don’t cry and feel sad for too long. I am sure she would want us all to think of her fondly as a happy, loved and loving Beagle who we all respected and we all felt privileged to be her friend.

Rest easy dear Nellie, we do miss you, we always will. We are proud to have you as a friend. We know its never goodbye but always farewell. So, until we meet again dear sweet Nellie, bon voyage.


If my life is as full as Nellie’s of the fun and friendship she gave and received, I will be a lucky Beagle Harrier.


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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

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  1. Love you Dexter ..for a very insightful and well written post .for those of us who can’t for one reason or another have a fur friend in our homes your paw of friendship means a lot

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