Beagle Meet.

Usually when I awake on a Sunday morning, I take a stroll around the fields nearby my house. This Sunday just passed was no different, although we seemed to be in a hurry to get around the walk. Arriving back to see the car being packed with rucksacks and smelling my food somewhere close gave me suspicious ears. When I was loaded into the car and we set off somewhere, I knew I was in for a treat but what could it be.

After 3 hours we arrived somewhere called Capesthorne Hall near Macclesfield. The car boot was opened and the smell of beagle brothers & sisters hit me.


We strolled about, it was a lovely morning after all and we needed to stretch our legs. There were so many Beagles there, I didn’t know which way to look first. I think I arooed at them all, and there seemed to be more arriving every minute. This was like a Beagle paradise. Suddenly I saw my friends Raffa, Charley & Boot strolling towards us. Then we saw Bryher & Tean with them. This was going to be the best day ever. All the humans were very surprised to see us as it seems that my two had decided to keep it a secret so a nice surprise. I think it worked. I arooed with all my pals as we strolled around and the humans were chatting and taking pictures and laughing and being happy. Then I looked around and there were Daisy & Dolly, Bentley, Ruby and so many others I lost count.

We were there to try and break a world record of the most dogs of the same breed walked at the same time. The record is currently held by some Yorkshire Terriers in Mexico, and we were determined to break that record. Even with my limited numerical ability (I count treats on my tongue normally) I could see that there were quite a number of Beagles there.


This is only a very small fraction of the Beagles there. In order to ensure we got the record we had to walk around a course of 1.2 miles and must be registered with electronic tags at the start and finish.

I walked with Raffa (she has a poorly paw)IMG_2895

I walked with Charley IMG_2896

And I tried to walk quicker than my human dad. IMG_2902

There were many other Beagle friends I met and saw, and many of us walked the course and had great fun. Once we had walked and the initial numbers were counted, it seems there were about 1,100 Beagles who completed the course which, if correct, would smash the record held by the Yorkshire Terriers.

I think we should celebrate. IMG_3200

A great day with great pals for a very lucky Beagle.

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