Three dexplore in Dorset

Another day, another adventure. I didn’t think there was anything different than usual. Usual walk, usual route with the usual human grumbling about being dragged around for 4 miles. Having returned home and eaten my breakfast, it was all into the car for another trip to an, as yet, unknown destination.

Three hours later we arrived. I clambered out of the travel crate and into fresh air. I still had no idea where I was, but it looked and smelled different to the close, humid and stale air of London environs. I walked around with humum whilst hudad “checked in” and shifted all my luggage up to our room. Apparently I travel with a large quantity of baggage. When I returned to the pub, which I now know was the Crown Inn at Puncknowle (pronounced Punnel) the room was very nice and cosy and my bed was in the correct position so I was happy.

I was shackled once more to humum and we wandered off for a dexplore. It was lovely countryside and we walked for a couple of miles. I kept on stopping to get a drink as it was warm and the sun was shining. We saw a sign for a place called West Bexington and decided to head down a steep path toward the sea. I had seen the sea before but it was a long way out and it was on flat sandy beaches in the Lake District. When we got to West Bexington beach it was shingle and it sloped down sharply toward the waves. I am not sure I liked the waves and certainly didn’t want to get wet or washed away. We strolled for a while and then returned via the hotel for some refreshments.


I was very tired when we got back to the pub and fell asleep on one of my beds in the bar.


The next day started with a walk around the fields, we had breakfast and then into the car for some dexploration. We visited a place called Portesham and then onto Dorchester before travelling west to Bridport. I was allowed out of the car in Bridport. We wandered through the Wednesday market and I said hello to many other dogs. After a long stroll, it was back into the car and off to the Crown Inn once more. The adventure didn’t stop there, as we road walked up to the next village, of Litton Cheney and returned via fields over stiles and small bridges.


I had walked around 9.5 miles so I was very tired. I fell asleep in the bar again, but did have time to wake up when 2 nice ladies wanted to give me tickles.

On my last day we wandered around the fields, had breakfast and then drove to Abbotsbury to take a walk onto Chesil Beach. It was very warm again and we all carried water and tried to shelter as much as possible from the sun. When we got on to Chesil Beach it was another shingle beach and I had to clamber my way to the top, dragging humum behind me. It was great fun. Sadly they decided that I had partied long and hard in Dorset so I should return to my home.


I had a great time, I can recommend the Crown Inn in Puncknowle as it is a very dog friendly establishment. I would also say Dorset in general is a great place to dexplore with lovely people and some great walks and scenery.

Don’t shout it too loud, but without my pawrents I wouldn’t have such a great time.

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