Its great to have a human Paw Assistant who is at your beck and call for walks. I am very lucky to live close to woods, fields and parks. So, today I decided that I would take my dad on a walk for 6 miles through the woods.


Chasing squirrels whilst attached to my double lead and to the immovable object (aka Dad) is one of my favourite things to do. Along with chasing pigeons, chasing rabbits and chasing deer.


It was a lovely day for a quick stroll from home, to the next Underground station. Through the woods and past the church, down the lane with Dad in tow. Through the field and into the next woods, past the sheep and along the bridle way. Squirrels squirrels everywhere, come and play.


I wasn’t even tired yet, but I could hear Dad puffing along behind me. This is Beagle Harrier paradise. So many sniffs!


We arrived at the station only to see the train coming into the platform. Quick Dad run, run, run. Safely on the train returning home. This was fun, I liked it, can you tell?


Thanks Dad, I’m very lucky. I wish all furs had the chance to walk for miles like I do.

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

One thought on “Walkies”

  1. You are so sweet Dex and you are lucky to have such a kind and loving Dad, er…I mean servant! I am handmaiden to a wonderful cat, who isn’t fond of dogs. I think someone chased him and cared him when he was a kitten. He is really my best bud, and I wished he like dogs, cause I surely do. Can’t wait for more photos of your adventures.

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