Dexploring in the Ponds

I was rudely awoken at some un-dogly hour of the morning and was marched around the garden. It was only when I saw that the travel crate was already in the car, that I realised I was going on holidays again.

The miles passed quickly (dad was driving), and we found ourselves in Eskdale after stopping off for a wander around Birker Fell.


I remembered Eskdale from a few months before. I had enjoyed a most excellent week of fun and shenanigans then and I was determined to have another great week. Unsurprisingly we retired to the pub to make sure we were ready for the next day.

We had arranged to meet with some pals from the northwest and Cumbria at a place called Cockermouth on Saturday. We went out for an explore early in the morning around Eskdale and I was taking the air and enjoying the new scenery. I met with Bridie first as she lives in the house we were staying at. She’s an older gentle lady fur and we got on really well. I then met Oscar the black Labrador who I remembered from last time. We spent some time woofing with each other. He’s a cool fur. Off to Cockermouth and we parked, only to see Raffa & her M waving at us. Soon after, we were joined by Betty the BT, Sprocket & Fergus da Brave.


We were quickly on our paws and walking through the fields and alongside the river, woofing as we went. It was great fun meeting up with so many pals on the same day. We were taken to the pub for the humans to have coffee & beer. We even got squeaky toys from Raffa’s M as well as sausages from Sprockets M. We all woofed our thanks. We finished the day with dinner and then saw Raff & auntie J off to their lodgings for the evening.

After our morning constitutional on Sunday we met up with Raffa & auntie J for a stroll around Miterdale. We wandered through the lanes and then up into the forest for a lovely view back across the valley toward Birker Fell. It started raining after a while but our spirits weren’t dampened and Raffa & I strolled along happily woofing. Raffa can’t walk as far as me so we agreed that we would only do 3-4 miles which was fine. We then ended in the Bowerhouse Inn for some lunchtime drinks and nibbles. Sadly Raffa & auntie J had to go home but it was great to see them both again.

Monday arrived with the threat of rain. Dad & I went out for a stroll around the Eskdale valley and then we were into the car for a trip to Keswick. Of course the first place to go was Podgy Paws and I managed to leave with 2 new harnesses. Strolling around, greeting as many people as I could, I enjoyed my day shopping. We left and then decided we would go to the pub for the evening. I met with most of my new human pals and one lovely lady gave me gravy bones, which were very welcomed.


Tuesday dawned and I saw a red squirrel on my walk. I aroooed and aroooed until most of the valley must have known I was there. The weather was still a bit drizzly so we decided that we would walk along the riverside path to Dalegarth. It brightened up a little and we were enjoying ourselves through the forests and along the river.


I was getting really muddy and wet but for some reason, mum & dad kept on rolling their eyes at me.


The weather was better on Wednesday so we agreed that we would walk up Miterdale towards Burnmoor Tarn. I had never been to Burnmoor Tarn. It was a journey full of squirrel and deer smells.


We took the forest road and I had to be lifted over 2 cattle grids which was interesting.


We even met some cows on the way and had a great day, all finished off in the Bowerhouse Inn.

For our last full day in Eskdale, we knew it would be raining so we took the Esk Trail which goes to Muncaster Castle. It started to rain, and then it just poured and we were getting very wet, but having great fun. Mum & dad saw a deer before I could so my fun was spoiled. I was doing my best to try and spot squirrels and deer but for some reason they didn’t want to come out and play.


We returned and dried off ready for our last night in the Bowerhouse. I was just starting to settle into the week, and suddenly we were having to go home.

I had a great week of Dexploring in Eskdale and everyone was kind and friendly and lovely. It was so much fun that I didn’t want it to end.


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