Bonfire night & whizzbangs

I want to woof a blog with no pictures, so please bear with me. I know that some humans like Bonfire Night on 5th November. For those outside the UK who aren’t familiar with the ritual, a man called Guy Fawkes and some of his associates tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament with many people inside. They failed, were killed in a grisly & gruesome manner and now it seems their failure and demise is celebrated with big bonfire and burning effigies.

Anyway, if that was the extent of the matter it wouldn’t be the subject of this missive. Oh no, people started getting fireworks and letting them off. They became bigger, and louder and more colourful. Then they became larger still, even more NOISY with the same amount of colour. If only the “celebration” was for one night only.

I am a dog (you may have noticed!). I don’t like fireworks, or whizzbangs. They scare me and I have to hide from them because they are so loud and so noisy. I know of other furs that actually cannot eat for hours after hearing and seeing fireworks, they are so scared by the things. I can understand, kind of, that for one night each year some people like to celebrate the demise of a potential mass killer. But when the fireworks are used to celebrate someones birthday, graduation, passing their driving test, eating all their dinner or seeing auntie Ethel for the first time in three weeks, I do wonder if it’s a little excessive. And don’t get me started on people who just have them to set them off in their gardens or those who decide its really clever to throw them at each other. I despair at this point.

Once a year, at an organised event, even I can see that. I don’t like them, I will cower and try to hide. However, this seems reasonable so I can live with it. However, selling these pyrotechnics to any Joe who walks off the street into the supermarket, I kind of draw a line in my sandpit.

Get people to organised events, sell toffee apples and hot toddy drinks with some sparklers for the small humans. Any money that people would spend on private fireworks, give to a charity to help homeless people or dogs & cats, so the world is a bit of a better place.

I will get off my soapbox now.

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5 thoughts on “Bonfire night & whizzbangs”

  1. Totally agree with you my love. I have never been a fan even as a youngster. I feel you might just as well set fire to three twenty pound notes in the garden for all the use they do. It wasn’t until we rescued our little dachshund that we realised the impact the horrific explosions can have on dogs. I would certainly welcome quieter fireworks and only on one night if the year at organised displays. I see many pop up shops and businesses selling only fireworks ( which would have a huge impact on their livelihood if thus happened) however I can only assume these people are not pet owners.


    1. I realise that some people and furs don’t mind fireworks. Its just me experience whereby I am to be found cowering behind the sofa or chair. Thankfully the fireworks have stopped for the time being. As for the pop up shops, I don’t see they are necessary. Main suppliers only to licensed displays. Stops people spending 60 pounds on 3 minutes of “fun”.


    2. I know that some furs don’t mind the whizzbang things, but others are really scared of them. I go and hide. I don’t see any point in encouraging people to buy the whizzbangs. If the people would rather give their 60 pound to a rescue centre, maybe this would be better.


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