An Eskdale Tail – Part 6

Or the riverside stroll

Another lovely day dawned in Eskdale. I nosed around the curtain and saw the sun shining and heard the birds twittering in the trees. I wondered what the day would hold for me. I was a bit tired and I needed some extra yoga stretches before I could get going. I took dad out for our normal stroll around the village and I double checked that Raffa wasn’t at the Bowerhouse Inn. Sadly she wasn’t. Back to the cottage, breakfast was eaten by us all and mum suggested we take a gentle stroll along the river to Dalegarth and Boot. This sounded like fun as the words “gentle stroll” and “Beagle Harrier” aren’t usually found in the same county as each other.

I was shackled to my dad and off we went.


It was a lovely warm early summers day for a “gentle” stroll. We went through gates, fields, pastures and woods to get to Dalegarth, via Stanley Ghyll Fall, which is also known as Dalegarth Falls.


We wandered along the footpath and I got so many scents that I was in Beagle Harrier heaven again. I was really liking Eskdale valley, the longer I stayed the more I liked it. I was allowed to wade in the rivers, which was good for my warm paws.


We even went to the Boot Inn where I had to apologise to numerous people as dad had decided to wear shorts due to it being nice and warm. It was such a lovely walk that we even took our time wandering back towards the cottage in the afternoon.


It was quite some walk and I flopped onto my bed for a snooze. Whilst I was asleep, mum & dad decided to continue their age old traditional of sending postcards to people. I woke up and I realised that my paw had cramp and I hobbled around like a tripod hound, looking very sorry for myself. It worked as I then had 2 servants (aka mum & dad) gently massaging my paw to make it feel better. And then I got some extra food and water to rehydrate me and to help me snooze a little more easily.

Eventually we all decided to go to the pub for some food and drinks. I got to snooze on my settle mat again, just to rest my weary paws, and make myself ready for the final days shenanigans tomorrow.


I could definitely get used to this.

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