An Eskdale Tail – the last day

The day dawned in Eskdale and I began to realise that this was my last full day here. I had sad ears, as the sun was shining again, the birds were singing in the trees and I was falling for this valley and the surrounding area. I woke mum & dad up and went out with dad for what was to be my last patrol around Eskdale Green. We were all a little tired after our week of fun and wanderings. We decided that we would go around the valley to a place called Nether Wasdale. There seemed to be quite a few paths there and they weren’t too hilly. A gentle days walking was ahead.


We arrived and parked quickly to get out and about on adventures. We strolled through the village and onto  some farm land. Sadly I was a bit lively and still had some zooms in my paws, so the field with cows and a bull was definitely out of bounds to me. Not that it mattered, as the detour took us through a farm yard and out onto another road with spectacular views to the head of the Wasdale valley.


I was drinking in the views as I walked, as I had been listening to mum & dad say that they would miss these views from tomorrow. We went on a circular walk, and got back in the car to drive to the Wasdale Head.

On the way to Wasdale Head, we stopped again by Wastwater itself, to take in the views and the fresh air. It was brilliant to see the water stretching away toward the hills in the distance.


When we got to Wasdale Head, we strolled past the church of St Olaf, which was small enough that even I think I would have to duck to get in the doorway.  Sadly, there were cows & bulls in fields through which we were going to walk and it wasn’t really a good idea to take me close by. I would have to come here more often so I can get less excited around them.


We ended our visit to Wastwater and retreated to the cottage. Mum & dad started packing things away and tidying the place. I went and lazed in my bed, so I could think about what I could write in my blog when I got back home. My ears were becoming sadder as the day went on, as I didn’t want to leave.

We went to the Bowerhouse Inn for the last time, they had some food and drink and i had gravy bones and a laze on my settle mat. Tomorrow was going to be an adventure, but I wondered if it was going to be as exciting as the last 6 days.

Early in the morning we left in the car. The motorways went past us like a blur as we headed south. No one wanted to go home, all of us had enjoyed the time.

Eskdale in Cumbria, in the words of Arnie, I’ll be back.


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