An Eskdale Tail – Part 5

Or The Drigg Dash

Tuesday morning started with the sun shining and birds singing in the trees. Pretty much the same as for the last 3 days so I was beginning to like this place very much. Once dad had decided to get out of bed, we went out for our morning patrol around the village, via the railway line and around the base of Muncaster Fell. I wondered to myself if I would ever get to the summit? Maybe one day.

I was feeling a bit weary by now. I am used to walking 5-7 miles a day back home in posh Bucks, but here there are mountains, sheep, ferns, becks, red squirrels and so many other sights and sounds to assault my senses. I checked to see if Raffa was still here, I aroooed at the pub but there was no answer. I had sad ears, I was going to miss her & auntie J for the rest of my holibob.  Having returned to the lovely cottage, we were about to go to a place called St Bees as they had a proper beach there, and mum & dad had never been to this strange sounding place. When I heard the name it got me wondering what bees had done to be sainted, despite making honey and making good targets for me to chase at home in my grounds? In any case, that would have to wait as the nice man who owned the Cottage told us about a place called Drigg which was much closer and he said was great for letting “the dog run around”. This sounded ideal to me but there is a slight problem with it. I never go off lead. I have escaped 3 times already and worried mum & dad senseless so I am permanently shackled to one or the other of them. Anyway, off we went and found this place called Drigg. Wow!! It is indeed great.


The tide was out and my eyes couldn’t believe how much room I had to pull and sniff and wander about, singing the song of the Beagle as much as possible. We walked to the edge of the sea, I remembered not to drink the horrid water, and then we strolled further along the beach.


This was awesome. I tried to get to the top of the sand dunes, however a combination of very loose sand and an immovable object called dad, meant I was thwarted in my efforts. It didn’t matter though, as we all had fun. I even found a jellyfish but I was quickly told not to touch.


Returning to Eskdale later in the day, it appeared I still had some zooms in my paws. So mum & dad found a circular route through some forest paths and tracks and off we went. I was walking gently as I could feel my tiredness coming back. We strolled through a place called Giggle Alley which had a Japanese Garden on a side path. It is a bit overgrown but is being looked after by the local people. It was fun seeing some of the plants and shrubs that I have in my garden in posh Bucks too.


When we got to the forest track, I immediately got the scent of my mortal enemy, the squirrel. I was reined in significantly as the tress have red squirrels in them and I am not allowed to try and get them. In fact I wouldn’t try to nom them anyway, as they are protected and I quite like them. Unlike their grey cousins. We took in the sights and smells of the forest track for a few miles. Returning to the cottage, we all felt a bit tired.

We managed to drag ourselves to the pub in the evening and I laid under the table watching the world go by. I took up my now usual place under the table. The gravy bones appeared and I snoozed a while, before returning to the Cottage to complete another great day in Eskdale.


I could get used to this..

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