An Eskdale Tail – part four

Or Ravenglass rambles with Raffa.

I was beginning to warm to Eskdale by Monday. I woke up, looked out of the window, saw the sun shine and wondered where we would go today. I took dad for another stroll around the village to make sure he was fully acquainted with the area. By the time we returned to the cottage, mum was ready to go and it was off to the pub to meet with Raffa & auntie J.

We walked back to the La’al Ratty train station and saw the train arrive in the station. This made dad run to make sure we got our seats on the train to Ravenglass. We were off to see some Roman history today. We were going to stroll on the beach and let the humans eat cake and drink coffee. The train trundled along the foot of Muncaster Fell as we all enjoyed the smell of steam and smoke from sitting directly behind the driver.
When we got to Ravenglass we made straight for the beach and saw that tide was out. I had never been to the beach, so I had never tasted seawater. I was warned by Raffa that it didn’t taste too great but being a boy I didn’t bother listening. She was right, it was horrible.


We did enjoy seeing all the small boats though. It is a nice place with some lovely views over the confluence of the rivers Mite & Irt. As predicted the humans retired to a cafe for coffee and cake. Raffa & I lazed about on our settle mats and woofed about our trip whilst they ate and drank. Soon we decided to explore Ravenglass a little more and found a place called the Roman Bath House.


It looked a bit leaky to Raffa & me, which was fortunate as neither of us like baths.


On the return La’al Ratty train journey, it was clear that the humans hadn’t learned anything as we sat directly behind the driver again.


We escorted Raffa & Auntie J back to the pub and we all said goodbye, as they had to go home. I had sad ears. We had enjoyed having their company and I could woof with Raffa. Now I had to put up with my mum & dad for the remaining days.


There was one final surprise for me for the day, as we went to a different pub in the evening for food & some drink. The George IV was a bit quieter than the Bowerhouse Inn. I was missing Raffa already. I laid under the table, hoping they had a good journey home.


Tomorrow would bring new fun and excitement. I couldn’t wait..

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