An Eskdale Tail – part the third

Or Windy Wastwater.

Another beautiful morning broke in Eskdale and I was whisked around for an early morning stroll. I had a great wander and snootered around the lanes and paths near our cottage. After some tea and toast it was off to meet Raffa & auntie J for our daily shenanigans. This time dad was driving and I had suspicious ears. We picked up Raffa & auntie J outside the pub, where they were staying and off we went, on another adventure. We arrived at a place called Wasdale and when the boot was opened, the scenery was wonderful. Well, it would have been if the wind wasn’t so strong that my ears were hitting me in the face.


We didn’t exactly stroll around the shore of Wastwater, rather we marched against the wind.


Everyone was laughing and smiling, whilst Raffa & I were arooing at each other to look at the view, watch out for flying ears and make sure we were soundly attached to a human.


Fortunately I was attached to an immovable object, called dad. We aroooed at Scafell Pike, we aroooed at sheep, we even aroooed at each other, it was so much fun. When we were back in the car, we thought the trip was over but oh no, how wrong we were. Within a short time we arrived at Wasdale Head and the humans took the opportunity to go to the pub for coffee and buns – again.


I still had some zooms in me, so dad took me off for a brisk walk into Mosedale, whilst the ladies relaxed and chattered.


Upon our return we decided it was best if we head off home and regroup later, for the highlight of the day. The pub quiz at the Bowerhouse Inn.

We met in the late afternoon and readied ourselves for the Pub Quiz. The humans tried their best to answer the questions and didn’t do too bad, to be honest. I think that Raffa & I would have got top marks though, if the categories were food, aroooing, sheep & snoozing. Having had dinner and all thoroughly enjoyed the day, we wandered off to rest our weary heads.

The fun would continue however – the following day..

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

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