An Eskdale Tail part 2

Morning broke as I nosed around the curtains. I was still in the Lake District so it was Beagle Harrier heaven for me. I was told that I was off for a stroll around Eskdale with dad. He muttered something about getting some “zooms out of me before we met Raffa and auntie J”. So off we went, meeting Oscar the Black Labrador on the corner and then wandering about the fields and fells. By the time we got back mum was ready so I wolfed down my breakfast (nothing changes apparently) and we were off to meet Raffa & auntie J for our trip on the La’al Ratty narrow gauge railway. We had decided to go to Dalegarth for the day. It was near a place called Boot and as we have a friend called Boot, we thought it would be fun to send pictures of us at Boot, to our pal. As usual the humans had their cameras ready throughout the day and we had our pictures taken at the station before we had great fun riding the train.


When we arrived at Dalegarth we also met Marley the Beagle and we aroooed each other. We strolled about, taking in the scenery, which of course included all the deer, squirrels, rabbits and other creatures scents.


For lunch we decided to go to the Boot Inn, which is really nice and very dog friendly. There were many people there, as well as plenty of other furs for Raffa & I to greet.


Whilst the humans had coffee and cake, Raffa & I were busy planning our afternoons escapades which we decided would be a stroll back to the river via St Catherine’s Church. This was fun, because Raffa & I were snootering for so long that we missed our train back home so this gave the humans an excuse to have another coffee.


It must have been dads lucky day as I still had some extra zooms so we went for a brisk walk of a couple of miles. The views are great so we took our time strolling around.


Once back on the La’al ratty we laughed and had fun until we had to alight at our stations. We all decided to meet up later. Fortunately auntie J had reserved a table in the Bowerhouse Inn, as it was busy and the humans ate their noms and chattered whilst Raffa & I quietly plotted our next days exploits.

The fun would continue…


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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

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