March toward sleep

There must be something in the air at the end of March. Each year I have been here I have been photographed by the resident paparazzi whilst I have been enjoying, what should be, my “me time” as I sleep off the effects of my varied and interesting life.

The only difference is the addition of a vampiric beagle brother who isn’t actually a biological brother as such, and he seems to have the sleep gene very much ingrained in his DNA (or whatever it is that vampire beagles have).

I know it’s important to sleep and that is why I seem to practice it as much as possible when I am not on patrol or watching, sentinel like, for squirrels invading my garden. I dread to think how much sleep I have clocked up over the years.

Young pup 2014
Can I smell food? 2015
Crossed paws I get food 2016
I wonder if any aunties will notice my paws 2017
Wiggle wiggle wiggle 2018
I’m still waiting for food 2019
The things I have to put up with 2020

I hope I get to sleep for many more March ends.