This isn’t quite the Christmas present we wanted

Off to the vet I went yesterday. My leg isn’t getting any better and the current trial of pills to try and alleviate my ailments isn’t working. After the ignominy of being starved from 10 pm the night before I was taken to the local vet orthopaedic centre so I could be examined, prodded and poked. All the while I would be away with the fairies, sleeping and dreaming of squirrels to chase. The vet said that my stifle (knee) looked very swollen and I was in pain. He looked at the X-Rays and told us that there was a problem which needed fixing.

The outcome is that I am going to have an operation to repair my right cruciate. The operation is a Tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy (TPLO) and involves the vet opening up my leg, doing some alterations to my bone and ligaments and then sewing me back up again. Apparently I won’t feel a thing until I come round and then hopefully come home the following day. Then its rest, more rest and then some rest to make sure I have rested enough. Also I will get some physio and maybe hydrotherapy to assist in my recovery. There are tails (see what I did there!) that the operation is fairly quick and successful so I am confident that I will be back up and running quite quickly after I have been diced and sliced.

It’s not quite the present we wanted this year but I will hopefully be in a better place early next year once the operation and recovery are complete. I will let you all know how I get on. I might even let Lenny take over my blogging whilst I am recuperating.

In the meantime I think there might be some turkey which I need my begging eyes for.

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12 thoughts on “This isn’t quite the Christmas present we wanted”

  1. I am sure that you will recover quickly and you will love the hydrotherapy my Lab/ret never stops smiling when he is in the water have a nice Christmas and enjoy lots of turkey not too much

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    1. Sadly I dont like deep water. I will go in up to my ankles and drink it, but once it gets to the harness belly plate I’m all over the place. As for turkey, I am banned as it doesnt agree with my delicate constitution. Sadly.

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  2. Good luck Dexter wishing you a speedy recovery. Iā€™m sure that you will enjoy the hydrotherapy. Maybe drag lenny down with you to keep you company!!šŸ˜€. It might make it more bearable. Xx

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  3. Well, it probably won’t be fun Dexter, but you’ll be better off in the long run. Maybe even the hydrotherapy will grow on you as it helps you. And maybe Lenny will be a good pal to help you recover.

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  4. The Christmas present will be the happy results of the surgery and the improvement of the poor damaged leg – the sunshine after the storm, so to speak.

    Wishing you a merry Christmas in the meantime and a very happy and successful 2023.

    Looking forward to your good news in due course.

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  5. Aww Dexter, that sounds like a rubbish present but hopefully it will mean you can move about better and not have so much pain. I had a knee op when I was little (1 year old) and it was quite a long recovery but it did the trick, I’m glad to say.
    I actually liked the hydrotherapy. I didn’t go swimming, I used the underwater treadmill, and the water only comes up to your tummy. Ever since then, I’ve loved paddling. I’m not so keen on swimming.


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