My Anniversary

On 19th December 2013 I was safe. I had been adopted and found a good home which was warm, dry and had two people who were prepared to do their utmost to give me a good life. Essentially everything that I needed. I had no idea what Christmas meant and looked quizzically at the green tree covered with lights, in the corner of the room but I knew I was safe.

Now I have been here for nine years and I have gained a brother, been on so many adventures and got too many friends to mention. I now realise that it is Christmas and every other celebration every day.

It’s my Gotcha Day which, for a rescue, is the most important day in our life.

I may have suffered some fur fade, and one of my legs may not be playing nicely at the moment, but I am safe and loved. That is the most important thing.

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

6 thoughts on “My Anniversary”

  1. Sweet Dexter you are very loved . Happy gotcha day .I love reading your adventures with lenny . I look forward to hearing more of your adventures in the next year . Merry Christmas Dexter and len dog

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    1. Happy Anniversary! And may you enjoy many more.

      When we love and are loved, every day is a festive day but Christmas is always a little special when we spend it with loved ones. May your Christmas be special and happy and may the new year bring you much joy.

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  2. Happy Anniversary Dexter! Our Miss Daisy is not at all sure what she thinks about the tree in the house and has been caught picking presents up and carrying them to her bed to unwrap with no regard for who they are for. Figuring Christmas out is hard for dogs! But as it is getting bitter cold here the next few days, I’m pretty sure she is delighted to be with us, safe & warm.

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  3. You’re so right! This is my 12th Christmas with my Beloved Human, and I never tire of tearing the wrapping paper off my presents (and hers too if I’m lucky!)

    PS only just catching up with your blogs after a gap. BH’s mum died a few months ago and it’s been very busy sorting things out

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