What to say?

I have been remiss once more on the blogging front. I can only say that it has been busy around here and, as a result of our being occupied, there hasn’t been much to report.

As summer turns to autumn, we notice that the leaves are turning brown as we go on our walks, the winds rise and the rain becomes more frequent. The times of our walks are changed according to whether our parents are going to get soaked to the skin or not. No thought or consideration about Lenny or I getting bedraggled I notice. Having said that we are seeing that Lenny doesn’t like walking in the rain, nor does he like walking through puddles. This is strange as that doesn’t seem very beagle to me and I don’t understand him. I like to scour the hedges and roadside verges for critters and scents whilst Lenny seems happiest in the open areas so, again a strange boy. We went field walks over the weekend and he seems to have mastered the art of looking handsome and noble. Ok, treats were involved but I am proud of my tutoring.

Noble hound

We have revisited our good walk to the top of Chanctonbury Ring which affords us some lovely views over the surrounding countryside. We couldn’t go too far as there were cows grazing and I don’t do too well with cows to be honest. I tend to yell at them so the prospect of being chased around a hilltop by three quarters of a ton of ruminant isn’t particularly appealing.

Lenny looking out for cows

I have thankfully recovered from my visit to the vets to have my teeth cleaned. I am not sure I have wholly forgiven my parents for tricking me into going there. Yet. I am back on proper food and I can still pull and jerk on the lead so I am feeling fine.

We are not looking forward to Guy Fawkes Night in a couple of days time. I despise fireworks and I always shiver and try to dig holes in the carpet to escape the sonic cacophony which erupts. I am hoping that it won’t be as bad this year as we have moved house and no longer live within two hundred metres of the local football club whose display was enormous and very scary for Lenny and myself. We shall see what transpires but we know we will be safe in the house and the television will probably be turned up far too loud to try and drown out any explosions.

It’s a busy life being a beagle, I seem to have something and nothing to do at the same time. I’m off for a lay down.

Hopefully I can report some more exciting shenanigans soon.

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

9 thoughts on “What to say?”

  1. Such beautiful beagles. ❤

    We have a similar harness like Lenny is featuring. TOur drama *queen* Tucker hates the harness and puts up this sad-eyed 'please don't torture me with this thing' fuss which he completely forgets about the minute the harness is fastened and the lead attached, so I don't know what to think of it. It does help with all the tugging and pulling he does…

    Very beautiful photos.

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    1. He doesn’t enjoy it as he gets corrected quite a few times when he’s out walking. I pull much more than him, but he knows how to walk better on the harness. I think he’s a creep as he listens to whichever parent he is attached to. But he does forget about it for most of the time we are out and about as he is allowed to sniff and scent critters within a safe distance.

      The photo’s are usually courtesy of dad. He has a new fangled camera which he tests out on us far too regularly. We are always being pawparazzied.

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  2. I am a bit worried about Lenny. Not walking through puddles sounds like some kind of phobia (?). Anyway, just be your Dogacious self, Dexter, and remember we ll enjoy hearing about your latest Dexplorations . . .

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    1. I love a paddle in the summer. We used to live close by a chalk stream (very rare habitat world-wide) and I was always straight in there after a walk. Plosh plosh plosh plosh was me. Lenny would be tippy toes in and then straight back out.

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  3. I too hate being wet and cold so I am with Lenny on that one. I expect he finds plenty of other ways to amuse himself. As for looking handsome and noble, well you know what they say: If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Especially if it produces treats!

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  4. Wet and cold is fun. We get towelling down before we are allowed to exit the utility room as we love to shake all over the walls and floor. He amuses himself by picking squabbles with me and chewing my ears. As a beagle I am, of course, unable to resist the temptation to bite back and we are then separated by one of our parents carrying a water sprayer.


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