Oh deer, what is that scent?

Boing boing boing arooo. Hurry up and get out of bed. Its Bank Holiday Monday and we need to do something instead of having a well deserved lie in. Lenny delivered the wonderfully precise kidney pounce on dad and, suddenly, the morning tea was being made albeit with way too much grumbling about “we should have got Labradors or poodles”.

The spit spot of rain on the windows didn’t dampen our ardour for going on a long walk to dexplore more of the local area. Where would we go today? No one had a clue but we were on our paws and ready. Out of the house and turn left at the end of the road. Up the lane and along the footpath, turning right at the far end and back onto another lane. We know this lane as its part of our regular walks so we can pull and jerk in all the wrong places to get to the scents which lie in the periphery of the drainage ditches and edge of the woods on either side. Just past the stables we saw the squirrels run for cover as we approached. At this point Lenny decided to see a rabbit which caused mum to grumble about her arm being pulled out of its socket. Down the lane and across the brook we went, Lenny and I having a rare old time. Then we stopped in the road and expected to hear that we were turning around to head back home. This was standard practice but something seemed different today. It was decided for us that we would walk a little way down a bridle path which led off one side of the lane. As soon as we got through the gate, my nose was filled with a strange and wondrous scent and I tried desperately to break free from my shackles. It was deer and squirrels all mixed with the heady scent of rabbits. Also there was a scent I wasn’t quite sure of at the time but it would become apparent in a very short time. We strolled along the wide path and came to a tall gate which spanned the width of the path.

This is going to be fun. For us.

Welcome to the Knepp Wildland, part of the Knepp Castle Estate, it read. Please keep your dogs under control and on a lead, it continued. Deer, pigs and various cows roam free within the grounds. Oh my, oh wow it felt as if we had just stumbled upon a veritable playground for Beagles. Within a millisecond my path to fun and frivolity was blocked by dad who told me to sit. I was instructed to behave, walk nicely and not to bay at any animals that we may encounter. You’ve got no chance I thought. I looked at Lenny and he was clearly getting a similar sermon from mum and was thinking the same as me. Our leads and harnesses were checked and double checked to make sure we were (more than) adequately shackled. This was unfair. As soon as we were told to walk on we pulled and jerked on our respective leads so much so that dad thinks he’s invented a new pastime of beagle wrangling. The scents were everywhere. All we had to do was see a deer and our morning walk would be complete. We saw some rather large cows away in a meadow but we really needed to see deer. We could smell them but it seemed they weren’t happy to come and play. As we walked further into the estate the scents kept on coming and we kept on enjoying ourselves more and more.

The smell of the pigs was there, a little faint but definitely around. Ok, that’s enough decided dad as we stopped at the gate which led through to the next field. This was yet another decision taken on our behalf and without consultation with either myself or Lenny. So it was that we were turned around and began the long, slow and very much beagle brake applied walk back to the lane for the doleful return home. I would add though that Lenny and I did make the return journey with silly grins on our faces.

When we arrived home we were subjected to the ritual wiping of paws and it was as much as we could do to bay loudly for our second breakfast. We had earned it, that’s for sure. Then we were off to rest and reinvigorate our weary bones and brains. Six miles of scent and sights were clearly enough for us today.

Is another trip to Knepp on the cards? Oh I hope so as it was so much fun.

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9 thoughts on “Oh deer, what is that scent?”

  1. We have deer that roam through our yard and sometimes on our walks we pick up the scent of the neighborhood fox, which always gets Betsy beagle quite excited. I came home the other day after helping a friend out at her goat farm smelling of baby goats, other dogs and cats and Betsy greeted me at the door, taking deep, long sniffs into my scent. I know she was jealous I went without her, but there’s no way I could wrangle baby goats and keep her on her lead.

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      1. At this point Betsy beagle has become so accustomed to them, she ignores them while they munch my flowers at the foot of the back stairs! When I remind her to do her job, she gives a half hearted bark they ignore. She does however, like to remind them to stay out of the street, so if she sees them near the road, she loses her ever loving mind. But eating my flowers? She’s good with that.

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  2. My dog likes nothing better than to chase the deer locally. He will never catch one of course, but that doesn’t stop him trying.
    Many thanks for following my blog.
    Best wishes, and tail wags from Ollie!

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    1. We have no chance, on lead, of catching any critters. This is due to (a) being on lead and (b) our parents being larger and stronger than us. Lenny saw a deer last week when he was out for a solo walk with our dad. They both stood there agog at this magnificent creature about 20 feet away. We will always try to catch prey but, sadly, we will remain without a prize when outside. We did snaffle a squirrel in our previous garden when it strolled across the patio and under the noses of two very alert, yet shocked, beagles. I was cuddling its neck with my teeth whilst Lenny was tugging with all his strength on the bottom end. We were told in no uncertain circumstances to drop it.

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