When Grandad Chas served Queen and Country.

I loved my grandad Chas. He would tell me that I was ‘andsome and give me some of the best ear ruffles, chin tickles and back scratches I can remember. Sadly he went to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2017 and I miss him quite a bit. I told Lenny about him. I think Lenny had something in his eye when I had finished telling him what a good bloke grandad Chas was.

Anyway, grandad Chas took lots of pictures and most of them have ended up in my house on something called a computer. We were having a look through them and saw there were a large number of Malta, where he was stationed during his National Service between 1958 and 1962. National Service was like a conscription into the Armed Forces of your country and you could be sent, or stationed, in many different places. Grandad Chas was ground crew for some RAF planes, mainly Shackletons, stationed on the island of Malta. Anyway here is a little tour of Malta from around 1958 – 1962 courtesy of grandads camera. Not sure if he actually did any work whilst he was there, mind you.

Porte des Bombes, Floriana

This gate was originally constructed in 1720 with one arch and has survived many conflicts. The second arch was added in 1868.

Robert Sammut Hall

This is a late 19th Century defunct Methodist church, now a state owned building on Triq Sarria.

Wignacourt Water Tower, Floriana

The tower was part of an aqueduct system bringing water from higher ground around Mdina and Rabat to Floriana and Valletta.

The Grand Harbour would have been the centre of life in the post war period along with the late 1950’s as the island was continuing to rebuild after the conflict of the Second World War.

Unknown street

The address looks like 56, Save Street or 56 Sane Street. It could be 56 St. Anne Street but I cannot be certain and cannot find it on any contemporary mapping service. The picture is interesting as the road seems to come to a dead end at the steps, however it turns left and then seems to disappear into a tunnel. This makes me think it is in the oldest, more fortified part of the island, likely to be centred around St Anne’s or St Julian’s in Valletta.

I wonder what these streets and buildings look like now. I wonder if anyone knows where the unknown street is located. Sadly grandad Chas isn’t around now to ask.

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