Birthday boy

Dex has no idea that I, young Lenny, have taken over his blog so I can wish him a very happy birthday today.

As a rescue no one seems to know his actual date of birth so the parents worked out an approximate date and settled on 4th May. We think he is ten which seems like a lifetime to me, however I hope I reach that milestone. I say “think” as his microchip seems to indicate he was chipped in 2010. However old he may be I have decided I am going to be nice and allow him to win at running around the garden chasing me today.

Even though we aren’t strictly brothers in a biological sense of the word, he is like a big brother to me. He guides me and shows me the way to do most things around the house as well as outside in the big world. For that I am grateful and will always remain grateful to him. He’s also still fairly swift across the garden when bitey face calls so play fighting is also fun.

According to our parents he can be a nuisance, silly and downright stubborn but we all love him very much.

This is him through the years, taken each 4th May since 2014. Like a good wine he’s aged. Well.


Happy birthday Dexter, I am proud ears to live here with you and to look up to you as my older brother.

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