The Beagle has landed

So, where was I? Oh yes, nose art in the car and a potential new home. All very exciting.

Pulling up into the driveway of this new house, I wondered if this was where I was going to live. I carefully got out of the car and sniffed around to see what it was like. I could smell plenty of things like squirrels, pigeons and even a deer I think. Mainly however it was squirrels I could smell, I’d know them a mile off. The house looked good from the outside and I wondered what it would be like inside. When I entered the front door it was equally as nice. This was very different from my old kennel. At first I was quite interested to know what was going to happen and where I was going to be allowed to wander. I have to admit the first steps into and around the house were rather hesitant. There was a big crate in the first room we got to and it all looked safe and quiet. I walked slowly round the house and smelled everything I could. The house looked ok. I thought to myself, “I could live here”. In one of the rooms there was even a green tree with lights on it. This had to be examined and sniffed. Then I saw the garden, and it was like a dream come true. I was so excited to get out there but the humans didn’t seem so keen and kept on showing me around the house.

Is that all really mine?

I was unclipped from the lead and I was allowed to wander around the house of my own free will. I was exploring inside the house but I really wanted to explore the garden. This house however was exciting and I had a really good time investigating all the different places. After a while I thought it best that I showed I am a good boy, so I went and sat in the crate. After all I was used to living in them. It looked really safe and secure so I thought it would be ok to have a quick sleep. I was tired and it was a long day. The excitement had been good.

After a quick snooze it was time to wake up and explore the garden. I was put on the collar and lead and we all went out into the garden. My eyes filled with wonder at all the different places I could wander and my nose filled with all the new smells. This was great, I was happy to see there was so much garden. I thought of all the zooming around I could do, all the squirrels I could chase and the shenanigans I would get up to here. But, I still couldn’t get away from the question that had come to my mind when I first walked in the door. Would this be my forever home?

When evening arrived I was a bit unsettled. To be honest I didn’t know what to do really. Would I be allowed to sleep in one of my beds, or maybe in the crate? I had 2 beds so this was a luxury I wasn’t used to and I couldn’t really make up my mind where to sleep. And I had a great blanket which I could rest on, when snoozing in front of a lovely warm fire. Decisions, decisions, but all good decisions thankfully.

Ssshh, it’s my first night.

Through the night I continued to be restless as I wasn’t really used to the environment and I could hear the humans sleeping. I am used to hearing other dogs sleeping. My bed here was very warm and very soft. I liked this, it was better than a kennel that’s for sure. I don’t think my new humans slept properly either. I heard them talking and saying they hoped I was ok on quite a few occasions.

Morning followed but I was awake much earlier than day break. I could hear stirrings in the house so I sat like a good boy in my crate to greet whoever appeared first. To be honest it didn’t matter who appeared first, as long as someone did. Within minutes I was ready to go out for my first real walk with these new humans. This was exciting and another adventure for me. It was cold and dark, but I didn’t care one jot. I was going out for a walk somewhere new and I was going to enjoy every step of it. When we got outside the house, I thought I should behave properly and show that I can be a good boy. I only pulled a little on the collar and lead as there were so many great smells and sights that I wanted to get to them quickly. My new dad was strong though and I kept on being held back and told to slow down. I met another dog, we chatted and I found out that the town where I was now living was quite nice, and that there were plenty of other dogs to meet and play with. However I would have to wait a while for this. I had a great first walk, it was a good exploration and I saw loads of places that I wanted to go back to soon. When I got back to the house, I even had my paws wiped and my fur was cleaned. I could definitely get used to this! The first week passed and we were still getting used to each other. I was being fussed over quite a lot, it was strange as we were all trying to communicate with each other and no one really understood what we wanted. The second week started and I was still finding my paws. This was all so new that I was still trying to work out what was expected of me.

Another picture of me? Oh go on then.

What were my new parents like? Would we bond? Would they like me? Would I like living here? I had no idea yet however I was willing to try and find out. This was all very exciting.

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

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