Where it all began.

As far as we know I was found wandering around in Wales as a stray pup. Once captured I was placed into local rescue centre also in Wales. Fortunately I was soon on my way to my local dog rescue kennels in Buckinghamshire. Whilst there I was looked after really well, given lots of food and love, and allowed to run around in an enclosed paddock. It was great to feel the wind in my ears and to have some freedom to be a puppy. Then, one day, my world changes and some people came to see me and took me away to live with them.

When I arrived at my first home, there were little people. We had fun and played all day. It was great, I liked it. After a short time there, I found that someone had left a gate open and I thought it would be an adventure to play outside in the street. Sadly I had an accident with a car when I ran out of the gate. This was extremely silly and it hurt me quite a bit. I now have a scar on my leg where I ran into the car. The vet said that the fur wouldn’t grow back. Apparently I was very lucky to escape with no broken bones and no lasting damage. I am keeping my paws crossed he is right but I know it was still pretty stupid. I went back to see the vet and they checked me over. As you would expect I was told I needed to rest some more, but I should be ok. However, when I was due to return to the house, we think it was considered that the commitment and time to train me couldn’t be guaranteed. I was really sad as I had only just arrived and was starting to enjoy myself. They decided that I should stay at the rescue centre.

So, I returned to the rescue home and I waited what seemed a long time for some other people to come along and like me enough to take me home with them. I was still sad, and quite lonely, in the rescue centre even though there were lots of other friendly dogs and even some cats who I could chase and play with. I would sit some days in my kennel and wonder what it would be like have a home, with a garden and a bed with toys. What would it be like to go out for walks with some nice friendly humans, and maybe have some belly rubs. It was making me feel a little sad. I knew I was a good boy but it seemed that no one came to see me. I felt I started to lose my bark as it appeared that there was no point in trying to attract people.

One day, two people came to see me and I was told to sit and be a good boy. This was easy as I am a good boy and I wanted to make sure the people were impressed with me and I could behave well. I was connected to one of them by a lead and I walked them around the field. I was such a good boy that I think they were saying nice things about me. I had proud ears, as I showed I could behave myself. I started to wonder whether they would like me enough to take me with them, but they left not long after and I went back to my kennel. I was alone again, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the people. The following week the same people came back to see me and we went out in the field again, and this time I had the long lead on in the enclosed paddock. I ran around and had great fun, playing with the other dogs and hoping to impress these people. After a while they spoke to one of the rescue centre people and they left again, but were smiling and kept looking at me. I went back to my kennel and fell asleep, dreaming of what it would be like to live somewhere nice. 

What does the future hold?

It was cold when they came back for the third time, but somehow this felt different. I went to the training paddock, which was a good sign. I was put on a lead and I walked the humans behind me so they could see what it would be like. I was such a good boy, I sat when told to and walked when told to. It felt like I was training them to see if they were able to look after me. This time however, I didn’t go back to the kennel and the new humans had me on a lead. They spoke to the great people at the rescue centre who looked after me. The next thing I know the rescue people said goodbye to me. One told me “Be a good boy” whilst another person said “We were a bit worried that he was getting quite depressed. It seemed he was losing his bark”. I knew they were talking about me as I was the only one involved in the conversation who had a bark.

We walked towards their car. I had seen one of these before, it was big and scary but I was brave and jumped in when asked to do. I had excited ears as we pulled away from the car park as I knew I was starting a new adventure. Looking out of the window all the way, I wondered where I was going, what it would be like, if I had a bed, or maybe 2? I looked at the humans and they both seemed nice to me, there was a big blanket and it was warm and soft. When I looked out of the window again, I wondered if we were going to my forever home. I really hoped so. It seemed to be quite a long drive to the house, and every time we went round a corner, the blanket slid across the seat and I got some tickles off my new human dad. And I got to do some nose art on the car windows. This was an exciting adventure and I wanted to see where we were going.

This place seems nice. Hope I stay.

Was this the start of my new life? I think I was about to find out.

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

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