Always love

Dad is a little thoughtful today. We have been told to not be so cheeky and give him leg leans. Forty seven years ago today his older brother passed over the rainbow bridge aged just eleven. Five days before his twelfth birthday. A life set to be so happy, fun and full of joy and adventure cut short by cancer.

My nan used to have a quiet think to herself about what happened and I think she wondered why. We all wonder why. Why is it so cruel, why is it so gut wrenching, why did it happen to someone so young? Nan is with my uncle now, as she took her longest journey in August 2020. Maybe they are at peace, and catching up on forty six years of things to speak about. I have no doubt that grandad will be with them, making a nuisance of himself.

No parent should have to go through what my nan and grandad did however, they do and until there are advances, more people will suffer. Christmas may be just around the corner but no gift, however expensive and thoughtful, can bring back those times which should have been showered in happiness, love and laughter but which are shrouded in sadness and reflection for what could, and should, have been.

Always love.