Bugsy has fallen

Before Christmas I read about one of my longest known friends who had been diagnosed with a tumour in his leg which was inoperable. His parents surrounded him with love and showered him with attention as they knew that he would be making his longest journey in the near future. When I saw the news my heart filled with so much sadness. It was sadness that this would be his last days, weeks or months and that I knew another of my oldest friends would be leaving us.

Bugsy beagle was born on 7 December 2011 and arrived at his forever home on 9 February 2012. He immediately ingratiated himself on everyone and made an instant impression on his mums heart. He quickly became the chief meeter and greeter at his mums spa in the Midlands. Everyone who worked there, or visited, knew Bugsy was around either through seeing him in the office or hearing him in the office. He made the place his own as you would expect of a cheeky, happy and very much loved beagle.

When I joined social media in December 2013 Bugsy was one of the first dogs that I communicated with. Always happy to lend me an ear, tell me where I was going wrong with training parents or explaining how to use the “eyes” to score extra treats, I knew I could rely on Bugsy to come up with the goods.

He was “best dog” at his parents wedding and then welcomed a human brother in February 2019. He said he was a little confused that there was a new pup who was getting showered with attention although Bugsy did admit that he grew to like his new brother particularly at meal times when the number of snacks strangely increased. Bugsy was at the centre of a loving home and knew his cheekiness and fun would always ensure he remained endeared to all who met him, but specially his parents.

And so it was that I heard the news before Christmas that he was unfortunately quite poorly. The initial few weeks turned into a month and then to six weeks. All the time he was stoic in his attitude ensuring that he upheld the tradition of the beagle by baying loudly, never missing a treat and making sure his family knew where he was. After a course of medicine the final X-Ray showed what had been feared, had actually happened. It was to be his time. Time for the worst decision but the most loving decision. Time for the sadness and reflection to flow and envelope him in the love that had cradled him throughout his life. He made his final and longest journey being cuddled by his mum and he was allowed to sleep his longest sleep.

Bugsy, my friend, travel well and sleep easy. Those who have gone before will guide you to the everlasting meadow where the sun shines warmly upon your fur. There is no more pain, no more suffering for your time here has concluded. You have left the most giant of paw prints on the hearts of your parents who will never let you leave their minds. You will continue to make them smile, to laugh at your naughtiness and to remember your life and all its adventures.

Run free Bugsy. I am honoured to be called your friend. May your path be lit for you to find those who have gone before. Rest easy.

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

2 thoughts on “Bugsy has fallen”

    1. It doesn’t get any easier for me. I feel like I am in a quickly dwindling number of original friends from my social media initiation in Dec 2013. Sadly I know I shall not live forever, none of us is immortal. One day my turn will come and I hope that I go with the courage and fortitude of too many others. Not that I am intending to go any where soon, apart from the biscuit cupboard.


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