The travails of age

I’ve been struggling recently as age is catching up with me in its many and varied disguises. I have not been on here as much as I would have liked as there are issues with my health that needed dealing with first.

As the avid reader will be aware I am a rescue dog and no one really knows how old I am. My chip says 2010 but that doesn’t necessarily mean I was less than a year old when it was put in my shoulder. When people ask, they are told I am “about 12 and a half”. I may be older however.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago it was noticed that I had started to wander about and stare into space, as if I had seen or heard something. There wasn’t actually anything there. I would be staring at a wall or an empty chair. I sat looking at the door in the utility which is the normal escape route for our escapades and shenanigans, however I was staring at the hinged edge of the door despite having been out of it hundreds of times. One of my assistants wandered past and I never even noticed him standing directly in front of me. I have been scratching my right ear far too regularly and to such an extent that I had cut the inside with my toe nail. I have been hearing sounds that I had never reacted to before and, equally, been silent to previously reactive things. I didn’t notice any of the fireworks this year which is strange as I normally try to hide behind a chair or dig holes in the carpets around the house. Certain sounds that I was hearing were making me anxious to such an extent that I was being ill. My brother kept on sniffing either side of my face as if he can tell that there is something not quite right which is true, as he normally sniffs me before biting my ears. Combined with this is the arthritis in my scar leg and I am, in the words of my parents, a “bit of a mess” at the moment. I had the shakes in my leg, and I wasn’t putting it down on walks, even though the said walks are getting shorter it seems by the day. The muscle is wasting away because I cannot use the leg as much as I would like to.

I went off to the vet to see what they said. Apparently I had quite a bad ear infection which may have been the cause of me not sleeping properly, scratching my ear and hearing some sounds and not others. Drops are being liberally applied to said ears. Of course I am going deaf with my age. My eyesight is also waning so I am starting to stare at more things more often, if you see what I mean. My leg is arthritic and even though I am on medication daily now, it isn’t getting any better. There is a physio option for me which will be discussed when I go back to the vet. The pain relief quantities have been increased so I can hopefully grumble less in my sleep. I heard my parents speaking today about the difference in the muscle tone of my rear legs. The rear left is strong whilst the muscle on the right has pretty much wasted away and my hip bone shows a bit more. My walks are becoming shorter and shorter as I am struggling with the lack of mobility in my leg which, in turn, means I don’t exercise it. My brain still seems bright and my senses are somewhat strong. Each time I see a squirrel, smell a deer or I am aware of a cat, I still try to chase after them baying as I go. This clearly doesn’t do my leg much good as I strain at the harness. I am off to the vet again tomorrow for a check up and see what can be done, if anything, to alleviate my current malaise. I will let people know how I get on.

Please look out for us as we do depend on our parents. This isn’t a sympathy post today. I wanted to purely place in words that we do get old, we do get wobbly and we do need our people to look out for us and make sure we are living as comfortably as possible. You are our lives, we rely on you for so much throughout our lives.

In other news, dad put up the Christmas tree yesterday.

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20 thoughts on “The travails of age”

    1. It’s only my leg which doesnt work properly at the moment. I feel like I am under house arrest as I am not allowed outside the garden to chase squirrels whilst acting like an idiot on the end of my lead.


  1. Getting old is not for the weary dear Dexter. But it sure beats the alternative. I know you’re in good hands with your humans, who will make sure you are as comfortable as possible as you live out your golden days.

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  2. Well, my MaMa is talking about getting me a ramp Dexter! A ramp! She needs a ramp! I do understand though. My get up and go seems to have got up and went. My walks are shorter too. My sight is going but I can still hear a bag open from 3 floors away! MaMa has adjusted my diet and gives me these silly rubs that make me fall asleep. The best thing Dexter is you and I are surrounded by love and our people will take care and look out for us. We are the lucky ones.
    Beagle Marco PoLo

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    1. Dad was eyeing up the wood in the garage for something similar I think. Then I went and leapt upon the sofa and got told off for being an idiot. I too ma getting plenty of tummy tickles and rib rubs which have the similar effect of making me sleepy.


  3. Dear Dexter, a lot of that sounds so very familiar, Bella did some of those things and I am not so young myself. Take it slowly, my dear friend, and cuddle as much as possible, tell the hoomans how much you love them and soak up all the love they give you xx

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  4. You have my sympathy. Old age lies in wait to ambush us all with its nasty tricks. We have to face these as bravely as we can. Being part of a loving and understanding family can help. My kindest best wishes to you.

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      1. The idea is always being considered. Depending on what I am recommended then it would be possible. The vet is a little hesitant to start knocking me out and then doing surgery on me due to my older years and the potential difficulties with putting an older fur under general anaesthetic.


      2. I understand the problem. Everything has to be carefully considered in order to decide the best course of action. Sometimes, that comes down to “do nothing” and accepting things as they are. Kind thoughts and best wishes, as always.

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  5. I could not reply on the blog, but I just want to say Happy Gotcha Day and your attitude of every day being Christmas and every other celebration is a true inspiration. You are a very special beagle boy, Dexter! ** Rosa ** Make A Friend  *  Save a Life  *  Rescue a Beagle Angels are often disguised as Beagles

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  6. Yup, getting older isn’t much fun. I have a bionic eye (got it a couple of years ago) but the other one is dimming now. My hoppity leg is improving at last, thanks to a new monthly injection (Librela), but this year has been a year of short walks and frustration for both me & BH. It’s improving now though and I can go for longer walks, thank goodness. Although the weather this week has made me very reluctant to put even one paw out ofthe door!

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