Rainy days and Tuesdays

I suppose I am lucky to live here. Safe, secure and loved I live in a nice house which is warm and dry. Looking out at the weather for the past couple of days, I am very fortunate.

I know it’s winter here in the UK so there will be wind and rain but, come on, that’s two storms one quickly after the other and it’s not even Christmas. My garden is flooded in places and the paths through the woods that usually contain some great scents are now muddy slides with added slippery leaves on the surface which make for fun viewing as one or the other parent goes sliding around. You need four paw drive dad, just like Lenny and I.

Early morning before the rain sets in

We walk earlier in the morning at the moment so we have predominantly missed the worst of the rain over the last few days. We have also been walking the lanes so as to avoid the muckier sections of woodland paths which we normally enjoy. I knew my parents were mean to us by not allowing us to mess about in the mud. No that it matters much as the verges are soft and often I find myself wading through puddles up to my elbows. Lenny on the other hand avoids walking through puddles for fear of getting his paws wet. Strange boy.

He’s bored. Dry but bored.

We are restricted to quick garden excursions between the rain so we can do our business and then return to the safety and security of a sofa each, all the while with a human leg to snooze against. We are pretty bored to be honest but that pales into insignificance when we look outside and see the rain lashing against the windows. Also it is dark and dreary so this suppresses our need for running around like a couple of crazed hounds, so our parents are fairly pleased.

Go away rain. I need to do things.

I think I will stay here as being just bored is better than being bored and soaked, needing a towelling down.

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

5 thoughts on “Rainy days and Tuesdays”

  1. Oh how we feel your pain guys. Things pretty wet here also thanks to some silly weather system called La Nino or something like. Stay warm and dry and perhaps some sneeky little noms will help fill in the day.
    Snuggles to you both ❤

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    1. The weather is getting stranger and more complicated, the world over. It really cannot make its mind up here. We saw that there has been plenty of rain in Queensland and NSW recently, but not enough to make up for an awful batting performance….

      We dont get extra food, our parents have us on a word that I cannot even say and which means they are allowed to be stingy with the treats.


  2. I too hate the cold, the wet and the darkness of winter and look forward to happy and warmer times ahead. I understand how boring it is for active bodies to be confined to home and I hope that the better weather returns soon so that Lenny is at less risk of getting his tootsies wet!

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  3. On wet mornings, I will usually decline a walk, by heading to the side gate to go pee in the back garden. I’ve already had the treat for having the collar & lead put on, so it’s fine with me!

    We’ve mostly managed to miss the rain on our afternoon walks. Not always but mostly. If it’s really really wet at the start, BH will sit with me in the car until it gets less wet or until she decides we have to go anyway! It’s the towelling down afterwards that I don’t like.

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    1. We walk in the morning, first thing. Lenny and I haven’t had a chance to “do our business” so we don’t have much choice than to be brave and go for it. We have been fairly lucky in that the rain has started just as we are within striking distance of home or after we are indoors. The towelling down is ok, as we get to shake all over the Utility room and then watch the parents faces as they seem the titanic clean up they need to do.


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