Safe and sound

It’s all grey, drizzly and dank out there. It is not as bad as it is predicted to be in the northern part of the UK and I am grateful that we won’t be sharing their wet, wild and windy weather on this occasion. I hope they all stay safe and secure though.

I’ve not blogged for a while, you may have noticed. I am currently under another cloak of feeling a bit blue, a little out of sorts and not having much to talk about really. We are jogging along, doing our thing Lenny and I. We still play bitey face, chase squirrels along the fence and pull on the lead on walks much to the annoyance of whichever parent we are attached to at the time. I was accused today of being a three year old dog in an eleven year old furry skin. I had been pulling, huffing and puffing after so many scents that my brain went into sensory smell overload to the detriment of my other (alleged) senses. I arrived home, aroooed at the top of my voice, got some breakfast and then crashed out on a sofa. I am quite proud of my efforts if I am honest. They should be happy I am so active.

Lenny has been out on separate walks from me for the majority of the week as, when are together, we tend to bounce off one another and compete to get to the scent first. Apparently this isn’t good for human arm sockets so our parents cheated and walked us separately. Not that it mattered as even on our separate walks we managed to jerk and pull like a couple of idiots. I think we won that little discussion.

Anyway what I wanted to say is that, during my miasma of brain fog, I have been thinking about stuff and things. Lenny and I have also been talking about said stuff and things and we have decided that we are happy beagles. We are loved, looked after and we are safe and sound. There is an allegation that this picture proves how happy we are. I wouldn’t know, as I am asleep.

I suppose we can keep him!

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6 thoughts on “Safe and sound”

  1. Dear Dexter: I recently read this statement about dogs, “Masters of Joy”: Puis il y a l’amour : l’amour du chien pour son maĂ®tre est magnifique, inconditionnel, Ă©ternel. Lui aussi, cet amour, est palpable, tangible, visible : ainsi quand le couple maĂ®tre et chien se promène, le second se retourne souvent sur le premier pour vĂ©rifier qu’il est toujours lĂ , que rien ne lui soit arrivĂ©. Qu’ils sont Ă©mouvants et inspirants, ces petits regards rĂ©pĂ©tĂ©s et affectueux du chien pour son maĂ®tre ! (Christophe AndrĂ©) Translated into Chienglais, it means: “Then there is love: the love of a dog for his master is magnificent, unconditional, eternal. This love is also palpable, tangible, visible. When that couple — master and dog — take a walk, the latter often turns around just to make sure that the former is still there, and that nothing has happened to him. How moving and inspiring these repeated little glances back at the master are! Dexter: Master of Joy . . .

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    1. What a great statement. It rings true as well. Whenever I walk with either of my parents they know I am sniffing and hunting for critters in the hedges and long grass of fields and lanes. However I will always look back to check that my accomplices are still there.

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