In the mists of morning

Lenny and dad have been going out separately to mum and I recently. I don’t really need to have as long a walk as Lenny. Also we seem to be bouncing off one another when we walk together with it being more like a lead pulling competition than a walk. So, it was decided over the last couple of days that Lenny would hit the lanes west of the village with dad whilst mum and I went north.

Lenny came back this morning with tales of awe and wonder. I didn’t really believe him until I saw the pictures. However it seems that his walk was indeed stuffed full with lovely views.

As autumn rolls in and the mornings become cooler and more moisture laden, the views across the fields and hills should become much more atmospheric. He was a lucky lad to get these vistas today.

Chanctonbury and the South Downs

I was busy chasing squirrels and had my nose to the ground according to mum.

Maybe I will get to stroll the lanes to the west. Maybe tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “In the mists of morning”

  1. Oh dear, that’s sad if you can’t walk and have fun together. I don’t walk so far these days due to my age and the old legs being a bit wobbly on steps and bumpy ground. I even had to have a harness with the stretchy lead when we were near water. Sometimes I forget and I’ve got stuck so mums had to rescue me. Very embarrassing.
    Enjoy your solo walks! Any walk is better than no walk… unless it’s raining!

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    1. We do get to walk together, just not every day as we tend to “set one another off” with our antics. As I am getting a bit older I find I am happy to have shorter walks of maybe 3-3.5 miles and not the treks that Lenny likes, of about 5.5-6 miles.

      We have to wear harnesses as we would just run away and do something incredibly silly. Apparently it’s for our own safety and because we are very much loved.

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  2. Enjoy your autumn – both kinds – for autumn is a time to slow down and reflect on the world around us, to see as we have always seen but looking more deeply, and to savour all the details.

    I hope you do explore the lanes to the west as I am sure you will find much to interest and entertain you there.

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