An original is gone

I have held back from writing this blog. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for another reflective one until now, so here goes.

Bonzi lived in Washington State with his mum, dad and sister. They loved Bonzi as did we all. When I arrived in my forever home and descended onto dog twitter, Bonzi was one of the first pals who followed me back. We have laughed, cried and giggled like a couple of adolescents ever since. He was forever on trails in the woods, trying to sneak food from anyone who was close enough and making people smile and laugh in the process. He was equally at home surrounded by his family and the many humans who came to visit his home on the pretence of seeing him, but don’t tell his parents about it.

Exploring is over there!

He travelled and explored, he laughed, loved and lived and he was forever making people smile. He said recently that he was in remission for his horrid cancer and everyone sighed thankfully. He had fought off respiratory problems and still came back fighting. Then his body said “Bonzi dude, I’m thirteen and I think I am a bit tired”.

“Where’s my pizza crust” face

Bonzi made his longest journey on 27th September. I woke up and I got an ear tickle from my dad. When he looked at me I could see something had happened and then he explained. Bonzi was gone from sight but he remains in our hearts and minds. He was one of the originals, one of the best and one that I will never forget. Farewell Bonzi dude, travel well and seek out those who have gone before. We will meet again one day although I hope you will forgive me if I want that day to be some way in the future.

Go sing the song of the breed.

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

15 thoughts on “An original is gone”

  1. Dear dexter
    Sweet bonzi lives on in our hearts . I’m sure that he’s watching over you & Lenny from the rainbow bridge. If you see a rainbow it’s all our beloved friends, yes I include my beloved ones as well. Sending gentle ear tickles to you & Lenny xxxxxx

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  2. It’s so hard to lose our friends. Our extended family has lost three of our fury friends this year and each time my heart aches. I fear our own Trooper will be next and even though I know he’s had a great life and has outlived his life expectancy it’s gonna break my heart. (Hugs)

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  3. So many Twitter friends have been lost to the rainbow bridge recently…it’s heart breaking, but made a little easier by your wonderful tributes. Thank you xx

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    1. Dexter,
      I’m sorry that your friend, Bonzi Boy has crossed that rainbow 🌈 bridge. You are right that it seems so many have gone recently. That our hearts seem to be hurting & πŸ’”πŸ˜’πŸ’ž. The unconditional love of a friend and adventures are remembered. Those that are left here certainly hope that they find those that have previously crossed to have new adventures up there! And we hope to continue to have adventures 😜 until that time that the rainbow 🌈 bridge calls our name (like you said, hope it’s a long time). Carry on Bonzi! Run free!

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  4. Beautiful words Dexter, too many pals ova their rainbow now you and me, we got to stick around for a long while yet pal. Bonzi was one of our first Twitter pals too. πŸ˜₯

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