An unexpected journey

Off we go for our walk this morning, little knowing what the day held. Down through the town and back through the little wooded area. I have been on shorter walks recently due to the allegation that I may have overdone my longer walk last Sunday and injured my wrist. What is an eleven year old beagle harrier supposed to do? Walk nicely? Anyway we returned home to have some breakfast and then wandered about whilst we allowed our parents to have some food too.

Suddenly we were re-harnessed, found ourselves strolled up and down a local road and then back to the car. This was different and I was extremely surprised to see Lenny jump straight into his travel crate. Hmm, what did he know that I didn’t? Off we went up the road, turn right, under the big road, left, right and a few more turns we arrived at a multi storey car park. Wow, if this was our final destination, it was a bit boring. Once our parents had worked out how to work the parking meter we found ourselves heading toward another ticket machine. Two tickets were delivered and we pulled our parents onto the train station. As the train pulled in, we tried to get on before the doors opened. We got reminded that this was criminally stupid and we should calm down. There were quite a few people on the train but we weren’t allowed to say hello. Ugh good grief, parents can be really boring sometimes. We whizzed along toward our destination and, all the while, the train filled with more people for us to try and befriend.

Quick sharp you two, we are here, was the call that Lenny and I got. As we exited the train we breathed in and then coughed as we tasted the stale air. London! We are in London. As neither Lenny or I can read we had to rely on the station announcer telling everyone this is London Bridge. Excellent, let the shenanigans commence. As we descended from the platform into the street the number of people increased dramatically. Our parents looked at one another with dread and fear etched on their faces. Anyway Lenny and I had other ideas so we quickly pulled them in the direction of London Bridge itself.

As we crossed we laughed and bumped into one another.

Monument to the Great Fire of London

Turn right at the top and then stroll down Eastcheap and into Great Tower Street.

Past the Tower of London and we strolled quickly across Tower Bridge before finally turning right again into Tooley Street and back to the station.

All too soon we found ourselves on the return train back home and our adventure was nearly over.

The Shard

For some reason we slept all the way home in the car and crashed out on our sofas after we had eaten our food. Sometimes we have good surprises from our parents.

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11 thoughts on “An unexpected journey”

      1. Yes, for many days the smoke has been terrible. From Northern California, about 80 miles to the south of us, and from the eastern side of the Cascades. Haven’t heard the latest to see what effect the rain has had. Locally the fire risk has come down from Extreme to Moderate.

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  1. Welcome to my world, Dexter! London Bridge and all around there is quite familiar to me (and a lot more besides!).

    I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to London and hope you will come again and see more of what is truly a fascinating city once you begin to discover it.

    Next time, perhaps you could explore one or more of the parks as you are bound to find good sniffing there and perhaps make some new canine friends.

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    1. Thanks. It was a very quick visit as a bit of a dummy run when my parents need to go to London for their work. Dad used to work in the City for 31 years so knows the place well.

      When I was last in London I went St James Park and then on to Postmans Park.


      1. St James’s Park is very fine, what with splendid flower beds and the lake with waterfowl (plenty to bark at!). Postman’s Park is lovely too with all those plaques to brave people who gave their lives trying to save others.

        London does rather take hold of you and I can understand your parents returning to visit the places they know so well. And you get the chance to share the excitement!

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  2. I’ve never been to London (it’s a bit far). But I have been into Glasgow city a couple of times. I confess I generally don’t behave very well, trying to sniff everything and eat things off the pavement and tripping people up. I’m probably best sticking to our parks!

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    1. I have heard that Glasgow is great fun too, so well done on getting out and about there. Both Lenny and I were pulling and jerking in our harnesses which is to be expected. What wasnt anticipated though was him trying to eat avocado as well as the remains of what looked like a cup cake wrapper. People weren’t tripping over us, they were more fawning at us and saying nice things.


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