Farewell to another

Another of my friends is making ready to take her longest journey very soon. I have known this particular pal from very early in my social media career. I will be extremely sad to lose her to the Rainbow Bridge but will remember that, all the while, we will all end there once our time here is done.

I read the message that her mum had posted. There was a little video of her snoozing away, snoring gently. I read the words that were written and wondered how much pride, bravery and despair must have gone into the composition of the messages telling her friends that she would be making her journey soon. I cannot yet comprehend how words can be formed into coherent sentences whilst watching us slowly slip away. It must be terrible enough when we make our journey suddenly but to watch us, knowing that at a set time on a set date we will take our last breath and fall asleep forever, takes courage and fortitude beyond my understanding currently.

When does love overcome despair? When does pride overcome the emptiness of loss? When does grief become overtaken by remembrance of those times shared? I cannot answer any of these questions directly.

The original friends that I was lucky enough to find are diminishing faster than I would like. The days upon which I do not hear of another pal making the journey seem fewer. I have never met most of my friends, and likely I never shall. Some who I have met, have become wonderful pals and their loss is felt greatly. It is the family effect that we feel amongst our group that holds us together. People may disagree on so many things in life however when it comes to looking out for each others dogs, there is this unity of strength. A bond if you will. A bond of the strongest substance of love and friendship.

The world still turns, the sun still shines and we will all go about our daily business until we falter and fall by the wayside. More friends will come to the party but it will not diminish the memories of those who have passed, those who we have loved and continue to love even though they are no longer in our sights.

Farewell Newfy sweetie, I will miss you so much.

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11 thoughts on “Farewell to another”

  1. Dear dexter
    It’s more than a little dusty here right now . I admire the bravery of the pawrents in writing their posts when their hearts are aching so much . I know how hard it is from
    seeing my girls cross the rainbow bridge.
    That said I know that there will be a time for us to be reunited again. Whenever you look at the stars it really your beloved friends watching over you sleep at night .
    Thank you again for a insightful and thoughtful post dexter.

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  2. I sometimes contemplate the idea of loosing my beautiful Millie as she ‘s getting on in years and like you I’ve seen a few friends on twitter go “over the rainbow Bridge. I know I will find solace, sympathy and genuine understanding in likeminded tweeters which I’m sure will be a comfort ❤ such is the power of social media and evidence of the bond between ppl who love their dogs 🐕💙❤

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    1. Millie is another of my early pals over on Twitter. I think all parents wonder about us making the longest journey and hope that we wont suffer. You are right, in that Twitter can be a cesspit sometimes, however there are groups of like minded people that do support one another and the bond is apparent.


  3. It is devastating, and they take our heart with them. As they leave friends behind, we promise to tell stories of all the fun we had. Thanks for showing this side of our pet love and also grief. Big comforting hugs.

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  4. Again a sad post but filled with love and great memories.
    You are right about seeing friends disappearing, but it’s true
    “to have loved and lost is better than to have not loved at all”
    A prayer towards the stars for a friend mourned.

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  5. I echo those comments of Shirley Baker above. To have loved and lost is beyond comparison to having not loved at all. And the love we have for our dogs is that most precious of loves, and their love for us humans.

    A beautiful post!

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