Been thinking again

Another of my good buddies passed over the Rainbow Bridge two days ago. Freddie was fifteen and had been enjoying his life. Recently the inevitable slow down and then some ailments meant that his parents had to take the worst, and kindest, decision. He said farewell with his parents close by and surrounded by the love he gave and received throughout his life.

I was wondering aloud to myself this morning about my age and how lucky I am to enjoy good health currently, along with a loving home and even a brother that I am actually becoming quite attached to. Ok, he’s not a biological brother but he’s got a place in my heart and I suppose I like him quite a bit. As regular readers will know I was apparently eleven back in May. I say apparently as I am an orphan so no one really knows. I pondered as to how many beagle pals I have that are older than me. I cannot think of many to be honest.

I am so lucky.

I have pals of other breeds who are older and I am so pleased to still have them to chat with regularly. I was talking to one of them earlier today. Her name is Bella and she writes on WordPress. She is a thirteen year old Greyhound and we have been buddies for quite a while. She said today that she struggles getting up and down stairs sometimes. This resonated with me as I am beginning to stop halfway up stairs so I can take a breather. I still manage to scale the dizzy heights but I realise that I am having to slow down too. I am taking longer naps on the sofa, will lay on my side on the nice warm carpet and even go back to bed in the morning once I have had my fill of gravy bones. This would have been unheard of a few years ago when I was happily impersonating a gazelle both on walks and in the house. My energy seemed boundless and my parents arms were forever stretched whilst holding my lead.

I am slowing down and becoming an “elderly gentlefur” whatever one of those may be. My parents even canvassed my friends regarding some food for “senior” dogs so I don’t get an upset tummy so often now. I am blessed with an active life and very few ailments. I want it to remain this way for as long as possible.

I look at Lenny and want him to do the things I have done, see the places I have been and experience the wonders I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy. I want to show him so many places and situations that I hope I can retain my good health for as long as possible.

Stick with me Lenny, I will show you the good things.

Time will beat us all, so spend it wisely and don’t waste it. We only get one chance at this life lark.

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7 thoughts on “Been thinking again”

  1. I’m 11 too and have definitely slowed down, but I still enjoy getting out and about. Maybe not climbing Munros anymore (I have 2 out of 282 under my paws so far, while BH reminds me she has climbed them all!) or agility (cos I kept getting sore after all that jumping) but now we’re doing a new sport called Hoopers and I love it! Not least cos I get lots of treats just for running through some hoops and round barrels 🙂

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  2. Yes, growing older does give us time to reflect. Mom thinks I’m 12, but like you, we don’t really know.
    But we are loved and living our best lives, filled with love and food, did I mention I’m a Labrador and that’s all we think of.
    Senior food is not tasty but it is food. Lots of love to you and Lenny. Bella is also our friend. We will all grow older together.

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  3. We cannot, alas, halt or even slow the course of “time’s wingèd chariot”. All we can do is to use our time to the utmost and, as age catches up on us, treat kindly the body that served us unstintingly through youth and our prime, taking things a little slower and resting as necessary. I wish you many years of gentle enjoyment still.

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