Through the eyes of others

I have been struggling to blog recently. I was lucky to have the assistance of Sunny’s mum in writing his story thus far. Apart from that, I have had a bit of a blank as well as feeling that there is little happening to me that is of any interest to anyone. A fellow blogger gave me some sound advice though and I will try to follow her words of wisdom.

Many of you will know that my grandad went to the Rainbow Bridge a while back and we have a large quantity of his old slides which we have been looking through and trying to clean up. They have all sorts of marks on them so we are looking to make them clearer and cleaner. Anyway I was looking at this photo that he took from The Monument to the Great Fire of London and it struck me how much of the landscape and buildings are no longer there.

If you know London there is little narrative I can add to the picture. I think it was taken in the mid 1960’s so will be around 55 years old. The Post Office Tower was topped out in 1965 and should be on the right side of the photograph above.

It is interesting to see how London has changed in the last 50 odd years. This is a vista I will not see as am I barred from climbing the Monument. Also there are a number of tall buildings now obscuring the view. I have walked around the base of the Monument on one of my visits to the Big Smoke but I am not allowed to ascend.

This photo taken in 2019 gives a better impression of the lack of vista. For the purpose of reference, the railway bridge in the first picture is partially obscured by the building to the left in the second photo.

I do wonder if all change is for the good.

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7 thoughts on “Through the eyes of others”

  1. The increasing number of over-tall buildings in London is a sore point with me. The symbol of this plague is the Shard, an obscene blot on the landscape that obtrudes itself into many views of London.

    These monsters – symbols of the greed of “developers” – steal our sky and turn the streets below them into windy canyons.

    If this proliferation is allowed to continue then in a few years, views such as that in your first photo will no longer even be possible: all they will show is the façades of the nearest tower blocks.

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  2. Hey Dexter,

    Interesting blog – not that I have ever been to London, but my BH worked there for years (commuting from Glasgow!). It was only once she stopped flying down to London every week that she was able to have me, her faithful companion 😉

    I wouldn’t worry about whether your blogs are interesting. You seem to like my descriptions & photos of my everyday walks, and I think they will be boring, but I still write them (dictate them!). So I would just carry on telling us about your life and how you are doing in your new kennel and how you are getting on training your apprentice, cos we love those tales 🙂

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