Hello, I’m pleased to meet you

So there I was, two years ago today, waking up to what I thought was a normal day with the normal walks, small food portions, usual lack of tickles and generally being told to lay down and behave myself. Oh no, how wrong could I possibly be.

I found I was being hurried along through my walk, I then had my attendants watching me eat breakfast and finally found myself quickly returned to my harness. Off up the hill to the station and onto the train. We whizzed past fields, houses, sports stadiums and then into the tunnel before arriving at our first destination station. I stepped off the train and tried to breathe in the stale London air. Being moved along the platform at great pace, I wondered what was happening. It only got more intriguing when we left the station and I was allowed to walk through Regents Park so I could chase squirrels. At least that is what I thought I was doing there, but my parents had other ideas. Leaving the park and crossing the very busy road we descended into the bowels of the London Underground whereupon I was told in no uncertain terms to “Behave”. It was only appropriate for me to arooo and make everyone on the tube carriage smile. This was behaving, right?

We ascended to street level somewhere called Aldgate and I was swiftly marched across another wide road. I was enjoying this but I had no idea what exactly was happening. We stopped at a small cafe near the Tower of London and this unfamiliar pair of hands suddenly descended upon my ears. As I looked up I saw a face full of love and a pair of hands that just couldn’t leave my ears alone. Hola tia Carolina, como estas? I gently woofed at this new person who had come all the way to London, via Europe and most of the rest of the UK, from Argentina. I couldn’t believe my luck. I was so happy that I immediately grabbed the nearest piece of fried chicken laying on the pavement nearby and started to chew the bone. It took much persuasion and plenty of fingers (dads) in my teeth to make me drop this tasty morsel.

Hello auntie. Ooh look pavement food.

Once I had been denied a tasty snack it was decided that I was to show auntie Carolina around London. We walked around the Tower of London, across Tower Bridge, underneath London Bridge, past Sir Francis Drake’s ship, to Shakespeares Globe, across the Millennium Bridge, around St Pauls and thence back onto the tube to Buckingham Palace via St James Park.

I wonder if there is a St Dexter’s?

The humans had lunch there and I even managed to do some expert squirrel bothering, much to my mums distress as I pulled and jerked on my lead. The squirrel was being fed by a nice lady and it ran away rather quickly when it saw me trying to get to it so I could dental cuddle it.

But I like sandwiches mum!

It was mid afternoon that I started to tire and a decision was taken on my behalf that I should be returned home where I could rest my weary bones. So I sadly said my “adios” to auntie Carolina and started the long process of guiding my parents back through the hullabaloo of London to the train station and eventually home.

I live over there. Or is it over there?

I had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I hope she can come back soon.

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

9 thoughts on “Hello, I’m pleased to meet you”

    1. It was an excellent adventure. I am lucky to know many people around the world, some of whom have visited the UK and I am even luckier that I got to meet some of them. I like adventures.


  1. A thrilling advrnture, indeed, with the added pleasure of a reunion a friend.

    Yes, the attitude of us townees to squirrels is somewhat different from yours. Among us they are definitiely in the “cute” category!

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    1. Squirrels and I don’t get along. I caught one in my previous garden and was about to play tug with it. Lenny was my capable assistant. I was greeting the squirrel by shaking it warm by the neck. Lenny had the legs and we were close to dispatching it when a rather gruff parent intervened.

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      1. Dear Dexter, While I wouldn’t want to spoil a dog’s fun, I think even you would agree that one whole squirrel is better than two half squirrels. My dog suggests you play something less rowdy, like Bum Spin (sit on your backside, rotate let and right, and make weird grunting noises as if you’re really exerting yourself). She think’s it’s great, although not as much fun as rolling in fresh kangaroo poo, but the less I say about this the better … (I don’t want to give you any ideas.) A Big Woof to you all!

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      2. Lenny and I would have played live tug with the squirrel so two pieces it would have been. Yes there would have been gizzards and innards everywhere but, hey, we wouldn’t have to clean up. As for the kangaroo poo, we’ve tried fox poo and that resulted in a bath.


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