A good pal to Boot

My internet has been non existent for a week or so which means I have some serious catching up to do. I feel like I want to tell you about everything that has happened in one message. I will string them out a little however.

There was sad news indeed that on 4th February one of the best, brightest and most lovable furs made his longest journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Boot was the brother fur of Charley Beagle who sadly made his way to the Rainbow Bridge in September 2018. Boot was the sensible one (I know Boot and Charleys mum wont mind me saying that) whilst Charley was the maverick with the cheeky streak. Boot was a working Cocker who was always happy when he was out on the moors doing his job. Mind you he was equally as happy curled up in front of the fire, resting his head on a beagle belly, whilst savouring the warmth of the flames. He knew where the pub was so he could walk his parents there without fear of recrimination and they could sit and enjoy themselves. He was the animal whisperer as he had a special knack of being so gentle with every other creature he came into contact with, be it sheep, pig or even a parrot. Boot loved to curl up on his mum and enjoy gentle strokes and ear ruffles.

I had the pleasure, nay the privilege, to meet Boot on a number of occasions and I even introduced him to Lenny. He was at the Beagle World Record when we became record breakers and he was at his home when I arrived unannounced with my parents to help deliver Charley’s bench. I met Boot for the first time when I, again, arrived unannounced at the meet up in Yorkshire. Throughout every meeting he was a fun, happy and wonderful fur who knew he had the best of life with loving parents who looked after him. Even in his dotage, when his legs were beginning to fail him, and the forgetfulness was becoming more prevalent, he still managed to encourage his mum and dad to push him in his chariot wherever he needed to go. He went to his favourite cafe for a cinnamon bun and a ponder.

The world is an emptier place without friends like Boot. Sadly the Rainbow Bridge is gaining more friends whose calling has come. Rest easy Boot my friend, and fare you well. Seek out Charley, Raffa, Gunner, Fred PH dude and many more who have preceded you to the everlasting meadow. I miss you but my heart is full of pride for knowing you and, better still, being your friend.

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