January blues. Or should that be greys?

Ugh good grief it’s depressing looking out of the window recently. January has arrived with a vengeance, quarantine is apparently in full swing again and the rain and cloud have descended to dampen my mood.

I have been accompanying Lenny on walks over the last few days as the weather has been so rotten that neither of us can be overly enthusiastic about strolling too far for too long. Since Lenny’s dismal impression of Captain Oates on 5th January, the weather has become damper and more depressing. As a result we have been out and about, got wet, been dried when we return and then run around the garden for about twenty minutes in the morning and then again in the afternoon. The log burner has been lit and we can snooze in front of that, so there is a small silver lining. Ok its a warm orange glow. It’s about all we can be bothered to manage to be honest.

When will the sun come out?

This morning was no different in that it was dark, the rain had persisted all night and our parents took the usual inordinate age to get their wet weather walking gear on. I don’t know why they haven’t got fur and then shake regularly like we do? Anyway out we went, and it was decided for us that Lenny and I didn’t need a long walk. Three miles would be enough. I wasn’t in the mood to argue, to be truthful. Around the lane into Pednor we sploshed, up the rise in the road and follow the road around to the right, then down the hill and through the gate across the field, through the next gate and across that field, through the last gate and turn right toward home. We didn’t even get to wash our paws off in the river as we didn’t need to. Home and we were duly towelled down so cue much running around the house playing bitey face whilst rubbing our still damp fur across as many items of furniture as we could manage. For some reason the parents weren’t enamoured with our efforts. Then it was into the routine of breakfast, pester mum, chase each other, pester dad, snooze, watch dad light the wood burner, run around the garden whilst the rain abated temporarily and then repeat the previous activities of running around and annoying parents.

Wake me up when dinner is ready.

It’s sleep time so I am off to the garden for a pre snooze run around to make sure there are no squirrel or deer invaders. Wish my parents luck as it’s very soggy under paw out there and if I get a scent I could be a long time.

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7 thoughts on “January blues. Or should that be greys?”

  1. Ah, Dear Dex, just to make you jealous, it was bright January sunshine today here in Washington DC, and over 50F! It will change soon enough, but that’s OK, it’s January and that’s what January does.
    I sat the CSA veg table today, and I don’t think I cold wedge another scallion into the frig right now! I see a lot of soup for the freezer in my future!
    Sleep well, All.

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    1. That did make me jealous. A little. We have our own chef here who cooks up the meals and somewhat ironically, we have a pork soup broth tonight with homemade bread. Should keep us warm whilst the rain thrashes down tomorrow.


  2. I envy you your log burner. If we had one, you’d have a hard job peeling me away from it at the moment. I hate the cold and especially the wet cold.

    I am looking forward to more clement weather when both you and I can enjoy our walks in pleasanter conditions.

    For now, happy dreams before the fire.

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    1. It is a happy sight when the kindling and logs are brought into the house. All fuel has to be kept outside of the house as a certain beagle I live with is fond of eating the bark and smaller sticks and then leaving the mess everywhere.

      I too look forward to better weather. I don’t mind walking in the rain but not when its absolutely coming down in stair rods.


    1. Hello Twiglet. We had a dry day today, at least. Tomorrow is back to heavy rain apparently so it will be another eternity of waiting for the humans to don their wet weather gear. At least we will have the warming log burner when we return so I can heat my weary old bones. It also tends to slow Lenny down significantly, all this warmth, which is a good thing as my neck gets a rest from his teeth.


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