Can a Beagle eat too much

I am currently collapsed on the sofa. I have had my walk, two breakfasts and then two or three (who’s counting!) whizzes around the garden chasing my brother. I should say at this stage that two breakfasts doesn’t actually mean two full breakfasts. My mean parents clearly haven’t read the script over the quantity of food crossing my tongue as both Lenny and I get some porridge before we go out on our morning walk and then get some meat, potato and rice to make up our “breakfast”. It is, of course, never enough as it has to be augmented with a biscuit, not plural but a singular solitary one.

The last few days have been a little different. We saw our grandad on Christmas Day as he is in our support bubble and we are therefore allowed to pester him whilst the parents go about the business of keeping him fed and watered. We enjoyed running around his house, and generally making nice nuisances of ourselves. I am not even sure there is such a thing as a nice nuisance, but I will go with it for the time being. He was pleased to see us and we continued our tradition of making him happier to be around dogs by being gentle and getting loads of tickles from him.

We didn’t bother waking up early on Boxing Day so we had a leisurely morning followed by some hearty garden racing to work up an appetite. We were treated to some turkey in our bowls on Boxing Day as we had our Christmas dinner a day late. Somewhat suspiciously we weren’t provided with any sprouts in our bowls, which was very disappointing. We opened our Christmas presents from some of our pals and were thankful that the gifts with treats, treats and unsurprisingly, treats. We had to taste test one or two and they passed muster. Then it was time to batten down the hatches as Storm Bella tried to blow the roof tiles off the house. She did not succeed. We managed some extra food in the evening too, so Lenny and I were feeling particularly full. Beagle owners may feel there is only a shred of truth in this statement. I can vouch for its veracity however.

I think I shall dream of sprouts

On to this morning and the standard Lenny leap onto the kidneys of the sleeping parent ensured that they couldn’t lie in for too long. After the garden had been checked for fence breaches, we flew around the garden and then dragged our parents around the lanes whilst we filled our noses with far too many scents. Two breakfasts and then some biscuits for coming back into the house when called, means we are snoozing on our respective sofas whilst the parents seek to busy themselves with some task or another. It’s dinner time soon so I can look forward to another evening of relaxing with a full belly and happy grin on my face.

That we have predominantly behaved ourselves over the past three days has kept our parents sane and ensured we remain in their good books and thus more likely to score treats more readily. Maybe this good behaviour malarkey isn’t so bad after all.

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2 thoughts on “Can a Beagle eat too much”

  1. Beagles and everyone else can eat too much and doing so once in a while, such as at this season of over-indulgence, does no harm. In fact, it can be a morale booster!

    I’m sure that a few good walks with those cheeky squirrels to chase will soon help to slim you down again!

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