Do vampires have birthdays?

Happy birthday to my younger brother, Lenny. He’s two today as far as we know. He is a rescue just like me, although he is from Cyprus and I think I am from Wales.

Lenny has been here for sixteen months now and he has settled in very well. He has his paws firmly under the table. We play nicely and noisily in the garden which is always great fun. Whether it’s fun for the parents, who knows. When we go for patrols in the lanes and fields he is learning to sniff his own scents instead of trying to muscle in on my scents, like he used to do. Its good that he and I can walk side by side without too much interference. He has chilled out far more in the last year and now knows that this is his forever home. We can shenanigan in the garden pretty fairly now as he seems to be a bit quicker than his old brother, however I know all the shortcuts. He’s been to London twice, met Raffa, travelled to the Beagle World Record Reunion, been on many car rides and even went on the tube for a few times in the last year. He’s become more adventurous as well as more confident in his life here.

I’m glad I allowed him to come and live with me. We make a good team and I have taught him many of the things he needs to know about living here. However he did learn to stand on dads kidneys at six in the morning all by himself, so I can’t claim the credit for that little escapade.

Have a good birthday little brother. I am pleased you are my brother and proud ears that we get along so well.

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

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