Tick tock

A cautionary tale today pals.

If you are out on patrol and are lucky enough to be able to stroll through fields and woods, please ask your parents to check you for ticks when you return home. I was found to have a passenger attached to my neck and, for once, it wasn’t Lenny. They saw what seemed to be a cyst shaped object poking through my fur just below my collar. At first they thought “Oh he’s 10 or so and we need to be aware of various lumps and bumps”. It was only once my parents looked it up on the wonder that is the internet and saw it was actually a yucky tick that they were concerned. They spoke briefly to the emergency vet who said to speak to our local vet practice this morning.

Please excuse dad’s unsightly fingers

The little blighter fell off during the night and was found sleeping soundly upside down in my bed. Duly scooped up and put in a jar for posterity (or destruction) the tick is now history. I woofed with the vet lady this morning who saw my x-rays, also know as some pawparazzi pictures, and said that I should be ok. However my parents need to keep an eye on me as ticks can be carriers of all sorts of really nasty diseases and may even be fatal.

Be gone, foul beast of the night

Enjoy your walks pals and people, but please be careful and vigilant of nasty little bugs and critters attaching themselves to your fur and often trying to drink your blood in the process.

Tick tock, your time has come, nasty tick critter. Time for you to leave me alone.

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

4 thoughts on “Tick tock”

    1. This was the first one that got through. I am usually checked thoroughly after all the walks through fields and woods. We know there are deer nearby and often times, deer can be the main source of the tick. Fortunately it fell off during the night and was found in my bed. Subsequently scooped up and stored just in case I develop some strange tendencies and we can show the little tick critter to the vet for their understanding. I seem to be doing alright however. The swelling from the bite is subsiding and isn’t as red as it was at first.

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