Farewell Port Hunter

It is with sadness that I must write of another beagle friend who has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Port Hunter lived in northern California. I never met him, but I was honoured to be able to communicate with him regularly and call him my friend.

His love of life, his sense of adventure and spirit of freedom always shone through. His life was full of fun and adventures. His mum was his rock, and PH was hers I think. They were inseparable, as often as possible being out on the hills and trails enjoying the sights and scents of the countryside. PH became ill over the last few years and soldiered on despite being poorly. He was determined to enjoy everything he possibly could at his mums side.

Lovely poppies

I patrolled in his honour today. I walked the fields and byways near where I live. I smelled the scents, admired the views and peered from the top of the hills just the same, as I know PH would be doing on his patrols. I even managed to chase a squirrel up a tree. I hope he would be proud of my efforts.

In your honour PH dude.

It is a privilege to know friends like PH. I never met him but I feel as if he was a good friend. We spoke on many things being good, bad or funny. Always polite, always approachable and always as happy as possible, he will be missed.

Farewell dear, sweet Port Hunter, travel well to the Rainbow Bridge. We shall meet in the future and be able to patrol together. In the meantime rest easy dear friend, for your time down here is done. Gone from our sight but never absent from our hearts. Always farewell and never goodbye.


I have sad ears.

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2 thoughts on “Farewell Port Hunter”

  1. Dexter –
    Thank you for your sweet thoughts of
    Port. Though I never actually met Port either, I knew him through Twitter as how I know many of my beagles pals. Thank Dex – we will all miss sweet Port.

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  2. My MaMa is at a loss for words as she has been many times with the loss of our fur pals over the last year or so. It’s hard to explain how close and attached we feel to people and furs we have never met. MaMa always says she knows people by the way they treat their animals. We adored Port for his sweet nature and adventures. That precious face always made us smile. What else we know about Port is that he was very much loved. His Mom spoiled him with hikes to beautiful places, trips and travels, cuddles, hugs. Special foods and treats that he liked. Soft blankets and places she made cozy just for him. When she needed to be away she left him in good hands until her return. Though we have never met Port and his Mom we feel like we have. We do know 2 things for sure about Port. He was loved to bits and he was the most important thing in his Mom’s life. Farewell sweet Port. We will look after your Mom for you. We love you to the moon and back!

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