Rest easy Winston

Sometimes I come across a fur who inspires so many people to do so many things.

I had the honour and good fortune to be able to interview Winston the Brave a short while ago and what came across in our discussion was the strength of character, resolve and determination to make sure that perceived disabilities did not hinder Winston’s desire to live as fun a life as possible.

Winston, Bruv (Maxx) and Mumz were a gang, a unit, a band of brothers if you will. They were given some potentially bad news about Winston with regard to a cyst on his spine that needed an operation. There was scar tissue and the initial diagnosis was “it would be easier to have him put to sleep”. This infuriated Mumz who saw clear and irrefutable evidence that Winston wasn’t in pain and needed some assistance instead of going on the longest journey too soon. Thanks to Mumz perseverance and Winston’s sheer determination to be as happy as possible for as long as possible, he lived on for many years after the operation. He got about fairly well on his hot wheels custom made for on road and off road travel. He had Mumz to help him all the while which allowed him to set up Zombie Squad. Bruv was the henchman, the sidekick who kept most of the ZS troops in line, when he wasn’t on the Baileys.

Now, whilst the primary reason of Zombie Squad was to fight the evil scourge of the zombie armageddon which humans are clearly failing to do properly, there was also the secondary reason behind it. So many people signed their dogs, cats, budgies, rabbits, horse etc up for Zombie Squad that it became an International service for fighting the undead. What it showed was that people from all over the world could come together and show compassion, kindness and civility to each other.

Winston took the longest journey on Easter Sunday. He had been suffering quietly for a while and decided that the time had come for him to join Bruv over the Rainbow Bridge. Whether he will join Bruv in the bar is another question entirely. His passing was mourned with sadness by many of his friends. However there also seems to be a sense of joy that so many people knew of Winston, were part of Zombie Squad, enjoyed reading his tales of adventure, enjoyed his cheeky backchat about Mumz and saw what he was able to do through Zombie Squad. To bring so many people together to be pleasant and thoughtful is a wonderful gift.

I never met Winston in the fur. I feel sorry that I did not do so. But I feel gladdened that I had the chance to woof with him, listen to him and to get some understanding of the fine fellow fur that he was. Rest easy Winston for your work here is done. Your legacy will live on, I am certain. That a dog with perceived disabilities was able to have an influence on so many is wonderful. Disabled, my paw. He had so much ability, strength, resilience and love in his paws that it was scary to consider.

Farewell Winston sir, never goodbye. Until we meet again, rest easy. *Saloots.

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Enjoying life in my forever home. Sharing my contentment with whoever will read my tales. I live in West Sussex, UK.

5 thoughts on “Rest easy Winston”

  1. dexter this a beautiful tribute to Winston.he showed us all that it is possible to overcome all all hurdles that life throws us .he will be missed by so many people but he will live on in our hearts .right now I know our hearts are hurting but we wont forget fly high across the rainbow bridge Winston ,shine over us .
    thanks dexter for this heartfelt post

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    1. Winston is a fur who’s legacy will endure. From my interview I only got the impression that he didnt see his “disability” as a restriction. He was so much more enabled in other ways. His Mumz determination to make sure he got a good life is a wonderful trait.


  2. Wonderful. These are the words, pix and memories that make lives worth honoring. Thank you and thanks to Winston and mom. Miss you always.

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