Is this age creeping up on me?

I’ve been a bit ill recently. No, you’re not getting any pictures of me recycling my food as that is personal. Of course my illness had nothing to do with me raiding the kitchen bin and finding all sorts of goodies in there including tea bags and bits of kitchen roll which needed to be shredded, chewed and in the case of the teabags eaten. Unfortunately at 5 am this morning, I decided I needed to be sick and my parents were left with the clean up operation. I feel better now, thanks for asking. Also a while back my diet was changed as it seemed that my belly couldn’t handle the food I was eating and there were many and varied trips to the garden at plenty of unearthly hours of the night. Maybe my body is trying to tell me something?

If I ignore him, he might sniff somewhere else.

I have been thinking quite a bit over the last few weeks about me slowing down too. Since we moved into our new house, I have these new fangled stairs to negotiate and I seem to be using up more energy every time I go up, especially when I am chasing Lenny. Then when I get upstairs I seem to seek out the bed under the desk in mums office or try to lay snoozing on one of the spare beds. This of course relies on Lenny not finding me and trying to bite me. When we are outside in the garden it may be smaller than our old one, but I seem more content to just stroll about and try to eat bees. Yes I know that is pretty stupid and I am regularly squirted with the water gun that has been bought just for this eventuality. However the bees seem to buzz around and I cannot help but try to catch a few of them. I have yet to succeed, much to the relief of the parents. Lenny and I seem to understand that the garden is smaller and that I like to have more time to sit on a bench to watch the birds land on the fence and then listen to the sound of the cars and trucks outside in the road. I suppose it is because I am allegedly 11 now that my body and mind is telling me to take things easier.

I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with bee(s).

If only that were the case when we are out on our morning walk though. I seem to be permanently pulling at the end of the lead trying to get to the critters in the fields and hedges.

I am not saying that I am old and infirm, far from it. I think I am beginning to realise that when I am in the house and garden, I don’t have to run around like a hound possessed all the time. I have a good life and generally I am very healthy, it is just that there seem to be more occasions where my bones feel a little weary and my mind is telling me to relax and not chase that squirrel on the fence.

Come on squirrel, I’ve still got what it takes.

Did someone say squirrel.

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15 thoughts on “Is this age creeping up on me?”

    1. They annoy me and they look tasty. I get soaked when I try to snaffle them as dad is a dab hand with the water gun. However I dont seem to connect a watery head with trying to eat stinging insects. I will try to stop chasing them but they are elusive anyway.

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  1. Age catches up on us all eventually. At first we try to pretend it isn’t doing so and to go on behaving as before. Eventually, though, we have to accept a little (just a little!) slowing down. There can be pleasure in that: taking things slower, being more fully in the moment, noticing things you didn’t have time to notice before. If those who love us understand and are caring, that helps us too.

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    1. My parents love me dearly so I know they are looking after me. I realise I am slowing down. I think Lenny knows it too as the post walk zooms around the house with subsequent snout jousting are shorter than they used to be. I still pull like a freight train on my walk, albeit puffing like Ivor the Engine.


  2. I’ve definitely got less puff than I used to (I’m 11). I used to be able to walk up mountains (Ben Lomond, Ben Vrackie, and 1 or 2 others) but now I’m happy with an hour or two in the woods or park. I’ve retired from agility as I ended up limping after every training session but now I’m doing “hoopers” which is much more suitable for older dogs (and older handlers!).

    My tummy is more sensitive too (it was always a bit iffy) and I’m now fed overnight to stop me retching bile in the mornings. So there are some advantages – overnight snacks are great!

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    1. Same here. Not the bit about agility! I used to walk for miles and they would look at me thinking “where is all this energy coming from”. Now I still walk and pull like a sled dog, but I know I don’t need as far, as long as I get my sniffs and walk through muddy puddles.

      As for the overnight stuff it seems that its characteristic of us older furs. Lenny just gets in on the act to make sure he doesn’t miss out.


  3. Gets to us all eventually, I’m 13ΒΌ and some days I just like to walk in the garden or in our field… if mum or dad try to take me out on a walk, I just keep lying down if I’m not in the mood! Other days I’m happy to walk for miles and miles. I’m old and it’s an old lady’s prerogative to be fickle.
    I’m trying to follow your blog but it keeps telling me to enter a valid email address… it’s my email address, how can I get a more valid one. Grrr. Ah… just spotted the ‘notify me of new posts’ box below… I shall try ticking that box instead.

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    1. Thanks for following my blog, appreciated. I don’t tend to put the beagle brakes on before we go out, as I love exploring and sniffing and eating all the wrong stuff. On our return its actually Lenny who applies the beagle brakes once he realises we are on our way back.


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