The alphabet of things I do not like

Yesterday I put out some ideas on things that I like. I was very grateful for the views and comments on here and through my Twitter page. So, today, its the turn of those things I don’t like. There are other things, I have no doubt, but I am sticking with these for the time being.

A – Animal abuse. Don’t. Just don’t. Unjustifiable on any level.

B – Bath time. Yuck, all that soapy clean water trying to get rid of my beagle scent. No thanks, I will make do with a flannel wash thank you.

C – Chocolate. Yes I know that most people find it tasty however it is invariably bad for us so I don’t want to eat any and my parents dread me finding some in the house or on a walk.

D – Doing nothing. I have ants in my pants. I have to be doing something, going somewhere to keep my mind active. Only once I have done things, can I happily do nothing.

E – Early nights to bed when I want to play and watch tv. Why are parents so dull sometimes.

F – Fox hunting. Grrrrrr.

G – Going to the vet. I know they are here to help us get better and stay in tip top shape, but being prodded, poked and stabbed with a javelin of a needle, isn’t really my idea of a good day out.

H – Hate. An awful thing to have in your heart. Destructive and distasteful. Dislike and disagree by all means.

I – Illness. I really don’t like feeling poorly. It affects my day and stops me being able to run around being silly and enjoying myself.

J – Jumpers. Don’t like them. I can just about stick a coat in the winter or when it’s hosing it down but (Christmas) jumpers. Not for me.

K – Killed toys. All that fluff and brains everywhere. Could be a danger if I ate some of it, especially as I would have no idea where all the dead toys came from.

L – Leads. I know I am shackled to a human to keep me safe, but my lead stops me running freely and chasing creatures for hours on end.

M – Medicine. I need to be tricked into taking it so I haven’t done so for ages. Oh, apparently I have taken it.

We agree on the stuff we don’t like

N – Numpties. People who drive or ride their bicycles too fast around the roads we walk and nearly knock us over. Mainly those but there are others.

O – Operations. I had one, and I don’t want another. I couldn’t have breakfast before the op and even the blanket covering me after I came round had inedible bones on it. Then to compound my misery, the bandage also had bone pictures on it.

P – Politics. I don’t do it on my blog, I don’t do it on Twitter. Suffice to say they are mostly as bad as one another and cause more death, destruction and disagreement than most other subjects. I know our lives are run through their decisions, however I leave the ranting to the humans.

Q – Quarantine. Boring but probably quite necessary so we can all go out to play soon.

R – Rainbow Bridge. Whilst I know we will all pass to this place one day, it has already called too many of my friends and I am sad that I cannot woof with them any more.

S – Strict rules on baying after dark. Just because I am in the garden and there have been creatures invading my manor, why am I not allowed to bay at the top of my lungs during the night time hours?

T – Training. Pffft, I tried it once or twice when I was younger and it didn’t agree with my independent stubborn streak apparently. Now I can walk nicely on the lead but I do expect treats at the end of it.

U – Unnecessary rudeness. If you can’t say something nice or constructive, say nothing. I was called “moth eaten” once, I was not best pleased.

V – Vampire teeth. My ears resembled tea bags when our resident Prince of Darkness arrived. Now I am more wary and know when he is likely to strike, I am better prepared for the onslaught.

W – Walks that are too short. I like to get sufficient scents on my walks so when my parents have to shorten the walk due to “other stuff they have to do” its a bit boring.

X – e(x)periments. I do not like that animals are used in laboratories. We are sentient creatures, likely feeling pain happiness and fear the same as humans. It is archaic and should be stopped. Unjustifiable.

Y – Yellow snow. You won’t catch me eating the stuff. It doesn’t mean I won’t try to persuade Lenny to sample it though.

Z – Zip wires. They look scary and I wouldn’t want to go on one. Anyway i would need opposable thumbs to hold on.

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