Gracie Mae

Some days I wake up, stretch and look outside eagerly to see what shenanigans I can get up to. I look across at Lenny who is often times sleeping quietly in his bed and think I am the luckiest Beagle Harrier I know. Today wasn’t one of those days, I had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

As dad sat down to eat his cornflakes he flicked onto my Twitter account and saw that one of my oldest friends had passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Gracie Mae Beagle lives in America. She was one of the first friends I met when I joined Twitter in late December 2013. My account was opened as my parents had no experience of owning a rescue dog, let alone a beagle and they sought some assistance from other beagle owners in respect of what to expect over the coming months and years. One of the first people to respond to some of our questions was Gracie’s mum, called auntie Wendy. She said Gracie would love to try and help us understand more about Beagles. She was kind, thoughtful and willing to try and help us through the early stages of Beagle adoption and all its intricacies.

Over the years since we first woofed, I am proud to be able to call Gracie my friend. We have shared many funny times, as well as cried on one another shoulders metaphorically when things aren’t so good.

Pardon me mum, Dexter wants to know what?

Gracie allowed me to become part of the Sploshun Squad, an elite band of furs who can destroy stuffed toys in minimal time and with minimal fuss. Gracie was the best at beating up her stuffed toys. Many times I performed dental lobotomy on sheep, squirrels, reindeer, elephant and snake toys. The fluff and innards would be everywhere, I would be laying on my back laughing and arooing in triumph. As soon as I checked my work with Gracie she would be arooing with me, and giving me encouragement and tips on faster destruction of the toys.

Gracie gave the world the Gracieball, whereupon you sleep in the tightest ball possible, preferably with your nose tucked under your back legs. So many pals tried and succeeded in making a Gracieball that I hope she had proud ears.

Lenny got 10/10 for this effort

Gracie was the queen of stink eye. If you disapprove of something or someone, the sideways glance or glare which more than adequately expresses your disdain. She was a mistress of the art, a true queen of the trade.

Sorry but just no.

Gracie was always one of the first to offer her sympathy to so many pals around the world when something terrible happened or the inevitable time of the longest journey arrived. She was kind, thoughtful and compassionate, a true friend to all who met and woofed with her.

Today Gracie made her longest journey and we have lost one of the best furs possible to the Rainbow Bridge. She had been ill recently, the vet was looking after her but circumstances dictated that it was, most sadly, Gracie’s final curtain call. I know that her Basset brother Roscoe will be so sad that his sister is no longer here to play with him. Despite having fun beating each up, I know they were best buddies and would always look out for one another.

We will miss you Gracie sweetie. Run free from your cares and ills. Find all the pals who will be waiting to greet and guide you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and rest easy. Your work down here is done.

For you Gracie.

We patrolled in your honour today, Gracie beagle. Farewell but never goodbye for we shall meet again one day.

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16 thoughts on “Gracie Mae”

    1. Sadness will hopefully be replaced by pride in knowing Gracie and remembering all the fun times we had when we spoke, beat up our toys, curled up tight in our beds or played bitey face with our brothers and sister.

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    1. Thank you. I tried to get Gracie’s outlook on life and not be too downbeat. She leaves us with a little emptier feeling in our hearts, however there is also love in there for having known her albeit from afar.


  1. Such beautiful, fun, naughty but adorable dogs. 52 years on and I still would only ever have a beagle. I love All dogs But beagles take pride of place and will always be be number one in my heart. Mr Busters Mum

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  2. Oh no, again feeling the pain of loss is so hard. What a beautiful piece of writing guys… chin up as we celebrate Gracie Mae’s wonderful life ❤💋🐾

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    1. Thanks. I tried to get across what a fun loving and happy beagle lady Gracie was. I hope we can, in time, celebrate Gracies life, although it all feels a little sad at the moment.


  3. A lovely tribute to your much loved friend Gracie mae . Fly high over the rainbow bridge Gracie mae . I know that you will be keeping a eye on dexter &lenny . !. Dexter we are sending extra love to you &lenny xxx

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    1. Thank you. I never met Gracie physically, however through the medium of social media and our worldwide group of friends called the BeagleBugClub we feel like we know one another well. Gracie was always one of the first to try and help solve questions, or make things feel better if you felt down.

      And thank you for looking after Buddy, the herniated disc can be very problematic. That you had the patience and fortitude to see out Buddy’s rehab is wonderful, so thank you again.


  4. Such a beautiful tribute to a special friend. It made me think of all my dogs back to my childhood whom I have had to let go. Each was special in their own way and I miss them all. Bless you.

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